Jerome Hayes (6'2"-225lbs, 4.5 forty)

- How many offers do you have Jerome Hayes

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Two years ago, one of my former teammates told me about an outstanding player from Bayonne High School that was a sophomore. He coaches in the area and is a good judge of talent. He stated that he was a man among boys and had the speed, size, and athleticism to be a "big -time" player. He was describing Jerome Hayes (RB/DB - 6'2"-225lbs, 4.50) from Bayonne H.S in Bayonne, New Jersey. Hayes has become one of the most highly recruited players in the state of New Jersey. Currently, he has 23 offers including offers from two of the big three schools in Florida - Miami and Florida.

- Who are your favorites? Why?

Hayes states that his favorites are Miami, Michigan, Michigan. St., Rutgers,Syracuse, Boston College,Florida,Penn State ,

Miami - "I like Miami because of the relationship with Coach Cristobal and just basically they turn out about 1000 draft picks every year"
Michigan - "Michigan because they are football rich and with a great tradition"
Michigan St - "I like mich St. because they have been there since day 1 and I like their coaches "
Rutgers - "Rutgers is close to my family and friends They are making great strides in their football program as far as competitiveness and the fact that they are getting bigger and better. Great coaches and have been there since day 1"
Syracuse - " they tell me straight out and forward what they want out of me and that something I can respect and I have a great relationship with their coach"

Boston College - "they're football program is on the rise and they have a great football town"
Florida - "florida is a school that just came on the seen but I have always been somewhat of a fan and I have a feeling I would fit in well"

Penn State - "another one of those schools that have been there from day 1 and they have a great tradition and nice facilities"

You have a good friendship with Mike Brown (RB/dB 5'10" - 180lbs, 4.27 forty from St. Peter's Prep, One of the Top 15 players in NJ). Is it possible for both of you to attend the same school?

Yes. Mike is one of my best friends and if we went to the same school that would be something I would personally enjoy I call em beast he is going to be a great one before its all said and done and I know his competitive nature is one that I can understand on the field.

If it happens it will be by coinsendence mikes got a choice to make and so do I. its business but if it happens it happens

- What are you doing to narrow down your selection?

I'm "just going through the process with my coach. He takes a load off of me so I just sit back and evaluate." Currently, I'm "just taking notes on schools and coaches and seeing who I feel most confident with"

- What camps will you attend?

"yah, I'm going to the Syracuse and Rutgers camps along with making as many unofficials as possible without breaking the bank" Some of the possible destinations are Miami and Wisconsin. However, he is currently unsure.

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