Rashawn Jackson (LB/RB, 6'2"-255lbs 4.56 forty)

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Rashawn Jackson

Players who has the ability to play a number of positions are always desirable. Normally, a player has the potential to play two positions. But it is rare to find a player who has the ability to play DL, LB, TB, or FB. In order to play these positions, a player will need to have the size and speed to satisfy the requirements of those positions. Rashawn Jackson (RB/LB, 6'2"-255lbs, 4.56 forty) from St. Peter's Prep in Jersey City, New Jersey is one such player. He bench presses 305lbs and squats 500lbs. As a result of his abilities, he has drawn the attention of numerous college programs. He has scholarship offers from Penn State, Notre Dame, Syracuse, Boston College, Rutgers, West Virginia, Virginia, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, Maryland, UConn, North Carolina, Michigan State, Michigan, and Indiana. By the end of the May evaluation period, he should have over 25 offers.

He lists his favorites as:

- Jackson is focusing on schools with good academic reputations. He likes the fact that they are the number 1 public school in the nation. The rural county setting and the historic campus appeals to him. He has also built a good relationship with Coach Donofrio, the former Rutgers recruiting coordinator.

- Although they have not offered yet, he is confident that they will offer in the next few months.
- He developed to good relationship with their coaching staff.
- Perennial national power
- A number of their former players are among his favorite players in the NFL - Ray Lewis, Dan Morgan, and Sean Taylor (he seen him play against St. Peter's Prep when he was in the 8th grade)

- He likes the people, area, and program.
- He likes that fact the they are one of the top academics schools in the country.

Notre Dame
- It is a good academic school
- He feels that he can assist in bringing the school back to the nation's elites. However, he does not like the area around the school.
- Leo Ferrine, one of his former teammates, will be going to ND this year. Jackson stated that his impressions of the school will influence him.

- They impressed him with the facilities, the improvement of the program, and the campus.
- If Rutgers wins 7 or 8 games and goes to a bowl, they will move into his top few schools. He wants to go to a school with a good program but he wants a chance to play early and Rutgers would fit that bill.
- He likes the coaches.

Boston College
- Good academics and good program.

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