Danny Oqendo (DB/WR, 6'1"-180lbs 4.46 forty)

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Danny Oquendo

There is seem to be an abundant of skilled players in the state of New Jersey this year. The ability to play numerous positions allows these prospects to differiate themselves from the others. Danny Oquendo (DB/WR, 6'1"-180lbs, 4.5 forty) returns kicks/punts, plays WR/DB, and is a standout on the Hackensack High School in Hackensack, New Jersey track team. He has offers from Maryland, Rutgers, Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, and UConn.

Oquendo has a top 3 teams:

- Close to home and he is very familiar with the program. They feels that he are heading in the right direction. His uncle played at Rutgers and knows everything about the school. The fact that they have such good coaches is a real plus.

- Good location - it is close to DC, Baltimore, and New York. With the additions of BC and Miami, the ACC will have teams from Fla to Mass. As a result, he feels that he will have a lot of exposure. It is a plus that they have been so successful lately.

Virginia Tech
- They are always one of the top teams in the nation. He feels that if he attends the school, they will place him in a position to get to the next level. They also have good academics.

He expects on taking all five visits before making a decision on a school.

There is a chance that he and Davon Smart will attend the same school. They have a number of favorites in common. However, Davon has express the desired to play down south.

Schools are recruited Oquendo as a cornerback, safety, or wide receiver. However, he does not have a preference about which position. Even so, if he is being recruited for WR, he would like to play for a good passing team like Maryland.

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