Mike Teel

His team was ranked No. 1 in the state in 2002 and 2003 … He was ranked as the nation's 47th-best quarterback by The Insiders.com. He is also a part of the 2004, 23-member Rutgers football recruiting class.

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Mike Teel - Excited and Ready to go

  By Matei
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Mike Teel


He is a two-time First Team All-State selection at Don Bosco Prep in Ramsey, New Jersey.  The Insiders had him as the 47th ranked quarterback in the nation.  Perhaps most importantly, he ended his career with 24 consecutive wins.  His name should be familiar to all Rutgers football fans - Mike Teel. 

Has there been a more outspoken supporter of the Rutgers football program since his commitment during the summer of 2003?  If there has, you'd have to look long and hard to find him.  "I've been following [Rutgers football] since my freshman year."  Indeed, it was when Coach Schiano came onboard.  His constant talk of championship football in the state of New Jersey was not lost on Mike.  An avid college football fan, Mike always payed close attention come Saturday, but now, he had an added reason - there was a new guy at the helm at Rutgers and he seemed intent on righting the ship.

Certainly, Mike felt most comfortable here, at Rutgers, but the bond forged between he and Greg Schiano was a special one.  "I think Coach Schiano as a recruiter...he makes his word and he sticks to it", said Mike Teel.  Out of the twenty three members of the 2004 recruiting class, there was but one quarterback.  Coach Schiano emphasized this very fact to Mike early during the recruiting process.  In retrospect, had the tactic failed, everyone would have jumped on the criticism bandwagon - however, coach Schiano took a big chance and it payed big dividends - "It's a privilege and honor to play for him," said Mike of his future head coach.

The official reporting day for incoming recruits is June 28.  The Spring Game of a few weeks ago offered an opportunity to gauge the team's progress.  "I thought it was really fun to watch.  It was really more for the fans and for the kids and everyone else."  However,  time is passing by quickly and Mike can't wait for his college experience to begin:  "I'm definitely excited.  I've been waiting to get on the field since the state championship."

Although his college career is set to begin soon, Mike seems to leave no stone unturned.  Hardly a secret to anyone living in New Jersey, Don Bosco, Mike's soon to be alma mater, boasts some of the top prospects in the state and in the nation. "There are about six to eight kids with Division 1 offers right now." Is Mike trying to spread the vibe? You bet!  The question is, are the youngsters listening to their soon to depart leader? "I think so.  Just from playing with them I think they know to trust me," said Mike.  Good news for Rutgers football fans? You bet!

Without a doubt, the best part of this story has yet to be told.  Mike's loftiest goals include his pursuit of a degree, for life after football.  Although undecided as of now, among the two finalists, as a major, are Sports Medicine and Sports Management.  As part of the Rutgers football family Mike hopes to do what he has been doing his entire life, "I just want to win games."  Bringing a proven winner of the highest caliber to the Rutgers program has not been easy in  year's past.  What sets Mike Teel apart from most everyone else is his leadership. 

Rutgers fans are ready for some kind of treat.






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