Four Still in Natale Running

Schools are recruiting Domenic Natale hard, and he is working diligently to try to narrow his focus to a select group of schools. The Princeton (N.J.) The Hun School quarterback is now not only close to narrowing his school, but he would like to have a decision before the season. Yesterday, he took an unofficial visit to Rutgers.

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"I just sat and talked to Coach Ver Steeg, the offensive coordinator and went over offensive stuff," says the 6-foot-2, 195 pounder. "Then I talked to Coach Susan, who recruits me, and Coach Schiano for a while."

Coming out of the visit, Natale has narrowed his list to a select four schools.

"Pretty much right now it is Stanford, Rutgers, Michigan State, and LSU in no order."

The timeframe is also set in place, and he has an interesting approach to the decision.

"It is just going to be if I can get it done before the season, I would like to. If not, then I would like to take my first visit to the school I am leaning towards and might commit there."

Two schools are out in front for that first visit. "I am leaning towards Michigan State and Rutgers right now.

"Just looking at coaching staffs, relationships with coaching staffs is big with me. The opportunity to play, which is good at both schools right now, and I am excited about that."

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