NJ DB Narrows to Three

Piscataway (N.J.) Township defensive back Malcolm Jenkins surprised many people by receiving several big offers recently. He has now narrowed his list to three schools, and a decision should come in the next month.

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"I'm down to Ohio State, Virginia Tech, and Rutgers,"says the 6-foot, 180 pounder. "I want to decide before the practice starts. I think our first practice is August 24th."

Jenkins already sees several things he likes about each of the three schools:

Rutgers - "The location; it is right here in my home town."

Virginia Tech - "They have the better school for academically what I want to be, and they have the better campus. I want to major in business."

Ohio State - "They have the coaches that I like, and their program is already in the right direction as far as winning."

Jenkins is taking a good and bad approach to deciphering the college choices, and he hopes to work on that very soon as no one aspect will win him over.

"I don't think it is going to be any one thing. It will be more like a pros and cons, and whoever has the most pros will be my choice.

"I haven't sat down and actually thought about it yet. I've been taking a break after I came back from Virginia Tech. This week and the week after I will work on that to make my decision."

Having visited Rutgers and Ohio State for camps and Virginia Tech for an unofficial visit, he already has a good feel for each of the schools.

"All of them I felt comfortable around. I live in Piscataway, that's where Rutgers is. I have an aunt right outside of Columbus, and a grandmother outside of Blacksburg."

No matter where he goes, Malcolm can be assured of good home cooking on the weekends.

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