Bynum Talks About His Recruiting

It's hard not to notice the big frame of <b>Andrew Bynum</b> and it's one of many reasons why college coaches are watching him this week in Florida.

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FLORIDA -- The big frame of Andrew Bynum has always made an impression on college coaches. It's why Bynum has so many offers on the table. What college coaches are hoping is that the big frame will translate into plenty of points and rebounds and blocked shots on the college level. A good kid too, Bynum had plenty of college coaches watching his two games yesterday for the New Jersey All Stars.

But Andrew has kept his list short. "Connecticut, Rutgers, Georgetown, Georgia, North Carolina, and Georgia Tech are my top schools," Bynum said. "I don't have a favorite right now."

Bynum added: "I want to take visits to Connecticut, Georgia, North Carolina, and maybe Georgia Tech." Bynum, who is a pretty good passer from the high post, plays at St. Joseph's High School in New Jersey. He can be overpowering at times but like most high school players, needs to polish up some areas. "I am really working on my foul shooting," Bynum said. "I am working on my quickness too."

The big man is certainly going to be an impact player. He handled himself well in a battle with Tyler Hansbrough last night in the New Jersey All Stars second game. Later today, we will report on how he does in the third pool game.

Of important note to Rutgers basketball fans was the presence of Scarlet Knights Head Coach Gary Waters, currently present at the Florida tournament. Coach Waters has been busy watching his recruits Jaron Griffin and Anthony Farmer, in addition to several others, most notably, Andrew Bynum.

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