Big Time: Day Three Coverage

<b>HENDERSON, Nev. –</b> With three major AAU events running simultaneously in Vegas, the possibly exists for some bad matchups. We saw a handful of bad ones at the Big Time but also caught a few prime time performances.

Reebok Big Time, Day Three

2005 Checklist

Louis Williams matchup would sell out the convention center at Mandalay Bay. Like Williams, the NBA birddogs are beginning to crop up.

Bobby Frasor, SG, Illinois Wolves: Mike Mullins' bunch is run with the precision, discipline and execution of the old school Soviet hockey teams. These guys laid the wood to an opponent Saturday evening and Frasor led the charge. When we exited the gym before the game was actually over, the Wolves were up 20, Frasor had 15 and it was getting ugly. Frasor was an efficient 6-for-10 (with 10 minutes remaining) and he was contributing in just about every way possible.

Amir Johnson, C/PF, L.A. Stars: Right now, he's playing better than any of the Louisville commitments. He had one of those "just another day at the office" games against a non-powerhouse from Ohio. He's got size, skill and touch around the basket.

Bryan Mullins, PG, Illinois Wolves: He's a mid-major Billy Beane "Moneyball" special. The young man makes the correct play, limits his errors, drills the open shots and listens to the bench. Why wouldn't you want him running your team? He had quite a throng of mid-majors standing on the baseline quietly cheering him on.

2006 Checklist

David Lighty, SF, Cleveland Titans: He went for 31 points in a losing effort and his team needed him in a bad way. Lighty is a talent. He's got range, versatility, athleticism and a decent feel for the game. He converted two shots while falling to the floor and getting fouled. He's a good passer but sometimes careless with the ball. The verdict: legit high-major talent.

2007 Checklist

Edwin Rios, PG, Team Breakdown: The Breakdown boys needed every single one of the 30 points he hung on a gritty squad of juniors from Nebraska. Rios started out smoking 3s and made four in the first half.

News & Notes

UNC head coach Roy Williams flew in from Florida to watch Bobby Frasor's final game of the night. … Kevin Willard and Reggie Theus were courtside for the L.A. Stars which had Johnson and Lamar Roberson on the team. … Oregon State head coach Jay John watched Jared Moret this evening. …

In the crowd for junior David Lighty was Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo and assistants from Michigan and Ohio State. After the game Lighty said his current list reads Syracuse, UNC, Ohio State and Michigan. …

He's not here but a little birdie told us that Courtney Fells connect on smooth 3-pointers for the Magnolia Stars. … Mississippi State dispatched assistant Phil Cunningham to check on Monta Ellis Saturday night. …

Scout's Seat

Antoine Walker's brother Jarvis is an offensive force for the Illinois Bobcats. He plays with patience and makes some 3s from the two guard slot. He's just a junior. … David Jackson is a potential mid-major junior with some size and defensive abilities for the Cleveland Titans. …

Quote of the Day

"It's impossible to play bad in pink."

Team Breakdown coach Brionne Gillion on why his team elected to have, get this, hot pink and black uniforms. The squad is undefeated since breaking out the biggest fashion misstatements since NC State wore the unitard.

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