Dennis Landolt - (OL, 6'5"-270lbs)

Dennis Landolt is one of the best OL's on the East Coast. We had an opportunity to discuss his college opportunities along with the timing of his decision.

Dennis Landolt

Over the last 10 years, Holy Cross High School in New Jersey has produced a number of Division 1A players such as Avon Coburne (RB, West Virginia), Kevin Landolt (DL, West Virginia) , Brian Bennett (LB, Pittsburgh), James Townsend (WR, Iowa), and Wali Lundy (RB, Virginia). In 2004, Holy Cross is the home of one of the best offensive linemen on the East Coast - Dennis Landolt. At 6'5"-270lbs, Landolt is a technician at the offensive tackle position; who has good speed and strength. He regards his biggest asset as his quickness of which he uses to dominate the line of scrimmage.

On the collegian level, Landolt has the ability to play either guard or tackle along with the athletic ability to play the critical left tackle position. The opportunity to play early is not paramount for him. He would not mind redshirting and would find it as an opportunity to improve himself a player as well as a student.

His abilities have attracted the attention of numerous schools; of which over 15 schools of provided him with a scholarship offer. Landolt lists his favorites as Penn State, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Michigan State, Northwestern, Rutgers, Boston College, and Syracuse.

Landolt likes Penn State's facilities, atmosphere, and coaching staff along with their coaching style.The tradition and the academic reputation of the school has helped to bring them to the top of his list.

While his brother played for West Virginia, Landolt attended numerous games and practices. However, he states that it will not effect his decision. Even so, West Virginia is among his favorites because of the fan atmosphere, environment, and the relationship built with their offensive line coach.

For Virginia Tech, Landolt likes the campus and the coaches. During a visit to the campus, he got an opportunity to meet with players and developed a good relationship with them.

For Rutgers, he has been impressed with the way they have built their program. He stated they have the best facilities that he has seen. In a few years, Landolt feels that they will be a good team and approach their goals as a program.

Since Landolt has narrowed his list down, he hopes to take two or three official visits during the season. As a result, he hopes to make a decision during the season or shortly after the season.

Interview notes: Landolt will be visiting Rutgers on July 28th. He will also schedule visits for Boston College and Syracuse for late July to early August.

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