Dennis Landolt Recruiting Journal

As a monthly feature, we will be bringing you recruiting journals from some of the best football players in the country. For this week's installment, Dennis Landolt will discuss some of his experiences over the past few months. You can expect another top recruit to provide us with a recruiting journal for the next three weeks. This should continue until National Letter of Intent Signing Day.

Dennis Landolt

Linemen are a premium especially those good ones. Dennis Landolt is one of those good ones. At 6'5"-275lbs, he has the frame to add another 25 to 30lbs and maintain his quickness and athleticism. These attributes give him the ability to play left tackle at the collegiate level. Some programs have expressed the interest in playing him at defensive line. However, Landolt prefers the offensive line.

Currently, Landolt has over 15 scholarship offers. This total will probably increase as Signing Day approaches.

Landolt has provided the readers of the Insiders with his thoughts on his recruitment in a journal format. He will continue to provide us with his thoughts until Signing Day.

Right now to prepare for the season, I go to lift at a gym 4-5 days a week; I train for speed and quickness as well as other running exercises with my dad and a teammate 3 days a week. Also my team has had a no-pads camp and captain's practices.

My training this summer so far has gone well, I think that i have improved myself greatly

One of the interesting portions of the recruiting process is the phone calls from the college coaches. I think that the calls from coaches I received in May were important for the recruiting process. These calls let you know who is really interested in you and kind of gives you a taste of what the process will be like later. As for the letters, these are also valuable as a gauge of how high you may be on a schools priority list. As far as reading the letters go it can be a lot of work because not all of them are handwritten and there is a lot of mail each day. My Mom and Dad usually enjoy helping me read through them

In order to obtain a barometer on my abilities, I had the opportunity to attend a camp and two combines. The only camps I attended were the Nike combine in State College, the elite combine at the Meadowlands and a 1 day camp at Notre Dame. Since the coaches at the combines couldn't really contact us the only camp I got a feel for the coaches at was the Notre dame camp. I was able to see how the o-line coach went about teaching and running drills. I think that going to camps and interacting with the position coach is a very big benefit to going to a camp, because that's the person whom you'll be working with were you to go there.

The competition at both combines and the Notre Dame Camp was intense. Its about 40-60 guys from your same position all trying their best to impress coaches in every drill and exercise so it can get intense. I think it was especially heated at the combines because everyone there is there to perform and there are a lot of one on ones which are battles to begin with.

For the upcoming season, I have a few goals that I'm aiming for this season. First is my team's goal of winning our division as well as a parochial championship. For myself, I'm trying to improve from third team all state to first.

My teammate Phil Costa and I keep in touch regularly. Since he is also an offensive linemen and have been some of the schools I've been to, it's good to have another player's opinion on a place; especially when it comes from another o-lineman.

Right now, I think Rutgers and Penn State are recruiting me the hardest. I get a lot of handwritten letters from them almost every day. One day I got a handwritten letter from each of the coaches at Rutgers. Also, West Virginia did the same, each coach writing me a letter.

The most interesting letter I've received was from Penn State. While I was on an unofficial visit there, I mentioned fishing around State College. The next week they sent me a letter with a book that was a guide to fly fishing in state college.

I'm planning on narrowing down to my five official visit schools at the beginning of this month, once I'm done with my unofficial visits. Hopefully I'll get to make a couple visits in the fall to schools so I can see the game day atmosphere there.

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