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Dennis Landolt: Rutgers Moves Up

<b>Over the past two weeks, Rutgers has had visits from some of the top players in the country. Some of the visitors have been Rashawn Jackson (RB/LB, 6'2"-260lbs), Dom Natale, the top-ranked QB in New Jersey, Jerome Hayes and Brian Cushing. Coach Schiano and staff have done a very good job of impressing each recruit along with providing them with his vision of the program.</b>

The latest recruit to visit the program was Dennis Landolt, the outstanding offensive lineman from Holy Cross High School in South Jersey. Landolt visited the state university of New Jersey on Tuesday, July 27th and returned impressed.

Landolt was accompanied by both of his parents. They toured the Rutgers campus and the athletic facilities. Although he prefers a more rural setting, Landolt was impressed by the college feel of the Rutgers College Ave campus and Piscataway. Of all of the facilities, he was most impressed by the newly renovated football weight room. He stated that "it is the best that I have seen".

Since he will be playing the offensive line, he met with Coach Rod Holder. During their meeting, they had the opportunity to discuss and review various drills and schemes. Landolt left the meeting content with Coach Holder's methodology and coaching style. He stated that "he is as good as any of the offensive line coaches that I have met".

As a result of the visit, Landolt stated that Rutgers had moved up his list and is now among his top 4 teams; which are Virginia Tech, Penn State, West Virginia, and Rutgers.

He still hopes to make a decision sometime during the middle of the football season or close to the conclusion of the season. The biggest factors for him will be education, reputation of the school and his comfort with the school, the atmosphere, and program. Since the schools that currently occupy his top 4 are relatively close and have a need at his position, distance or depth at his position will not be a factor.

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