Last Chance To Evaluate Bynum For 6 Schools

It's the last chance for college coaches to evaluate and scout big man <b>Andrew Bynum</b>.

Tomorrow, Andrew Bynum will deliver his last performance of the July evaluation period as he works out. The big man from the New Jersey All Stars is coming off helping his team win the Showcase title in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

Bynum told the Insiders Report he is interested in Connecticut, Rutgers, Georgia, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, and Georgetown. It's a safe bet most of these programs will be on hand to watch Bynum in South Jersey at the scrimmage.

Bynum also stated he is likely to visit Connecticut, Georgia, North Carolina, and maybe Georgia Tech. He has already been to the Rutgers campus a few times. His New Jersey All Star teammates, Anthony Farmer and Jaron Griffin, have been working hard on trying to convince Bynum to play for the Scarlet Knights too.

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