Chat Session Transcript - Tuesday, July 27th

Were you too busy with work this past Tuesday to join <b>Bob Lichtenfels</b>, <b>Miller Safrit</b> and many of your RU brethren for our Members Only Chat Session? Not to worry - we've provided the session transcript so that you don't miss a beat on the latest recruiting developments.

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derleider:: looks like the guest of honor has arrived early.

derleider:: and come with a date

MillerSafrit:: haha

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MillerSafrit:: trying to get him in here

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matei:: Hi Miller - Thanks for joining us today.

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JayLCanter:: Afternoon all.

vincitau:: good afternoon

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matei:: hi Jay - just waiting for Miller to step back.  Hello all  - we can start up with a few questions until Miller rejoins us.

vincitau:: Matei--any word on the status of Fenelus and McKever?

matei:: I'll be a bit slow because I'm also copying the text as we go along...

JayLCanter:: Matei, I just came back from the Edison/Woodbridge area and I was reminded of something ....what's the latest with Anthony Miller?

matei:: Ha...good question.  Big Dog would know about that ... I'll give him a call right now...

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BobLichtenfels :: I had a call, sorry for being a little late

matei:: A. Miller will be ready to go. 

matei:: Hi Bob.

BobLichtenfels :: Hi Matei

JayLCanter:: Afternoon Bob.

BobLichtenfels :: How is life in the Land of Rutgers?

JayLCanter:: Life is good Bob ... certainly a lot better than this time last year, even though there was some good optimism as well last year at this time.

BobLichtenfels :: I see Cushing enjoyed his trip to RU.

JayLCanter:: Bob, what do you think RU needs to do to get a guy like Cushing here?

matei:: For those that aren't aware, Bob has played College ball in addition to being a HS coach ... making his take on things quite different from the rest of us.

matei:: Yep, he did.  But he's a real tough one.  Cushing enjoys every trip.  He enjoys the process.

BobLichtenfels :: I think UVA will be tough to beat for Cushing, If they can land Larkin and Dray they have a shot.

BobLichtenfels :: I can't blame him, I'd take advantage of it too.

matei:: UVA is now up to 20 commits...wondering how much more space is left.

BobLichtenfels:: Miller could best answer that.

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vincitau:: who is the best prospect we are involved with in your opinion...Bob?

BobLichtenfels :: I like Cushing and Garvin.

BobLichtenfels :: Roche was a very nice get for RU.

matei:: I'll chime in.  I really like Antone Smith.

BobLichtenfels :: I think the Big 3 will be tough to beat for Smith.

BobLichtenfels :: RaShawn Jackson is a phenom.

matei:: He's not a UM lock...not by a longshot.

BobLichtenfels :: he really enjoyed FSU.

JayLCanter:: Bob, any guys under the radar in Florida that perhaps will slip through the grasps of the Big 3 and could come here?

Bump:: How has the reconfiguration of the Big East affected recruiting for its surviving members?

BobLichtenfels :: I think fans talk more about the BE than the kids do, obviously money wise it hurts, but it helps as far as getting to the BCS.

MillerSafrit:: sorry, I'm back.

BobLichtenfels :: it's still early Jay to project Florida, but I won't sell Schiano short down there - he'll get his share.

BobLichtenfels :: How many ships does UVA have left Miller?

MillerSafrit:: they have 4 or 5 left.

matei:: Chris McClover won't be offered by the Big 3 - he's a nice one.

MillerSafrit:: picked up #20 yesterday.

vincitau:: How solid are UVA's New Jersey verbals?

RUrising:: Out of Hughes, Nurse and Larkin who do you think will get offered by RU?

BobLichtenfels :: The thing about the Big 3 is if a kid falls through a lot of the others are just waiting and hoping that they get a second look.

JayLCanter:: Well, with UVA having so many verbals already and UM a little light on the number of ships they're able to offer this year, I would think our chances of landing some really good kids are high this year.

matei:: Kevin is very close to an offer from RU.

BobLichtenfels :: I watched Larkin at the PSU-Nike combine and he was very solid, very mobile.

BobLichtenfels :: I have yet to see Nurse or Hughes.

MillerSafrit:: Larkin is more versatile than Roche as a football player, but I think that Roche is better at OL.

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BobLichtenfels :: Roche and Zuttah will give RU a very solid base on the O-Line.

vincitau:: What are our chances with Landolt?

BobLichtenfels :: Dennis seemed to like WVU, then VA, then PSU, so who knows?

BobLichtenfels :: Some of these kids are harder to read than others

MillerSafrit:: vincitau - I hear VT has the lead.

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vincitau:: well hopefully today's visit will have an impact.

matei:: Bob - What are our chances  with the RB prospect from PA - can't recall his name right now...Mikell

BobLichtenfels :: Mikell has 19 offers, 17 written, he wants to check out as many of the schools as he can. I think the distance to RU will help and he will check them out.

BobLichtenfels :: They won't decide on officials until midway or the end of the High school season.

matei:: who are the un-written?

BobLichtenfels :: I believe Notre dame and Ohio State.

vincitau:: Will RU get serious interest from Melvin Alaeze?

BobLichtenfels :: they were waiting on a fax of his SAT score.

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BobLichtenfels :: Melvin is getting looks from everyone, I still think Maryland will be there until the end. I'm actually going to be talking to an assistant at Randallstown this week so I'll find out for sure.

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vincitau:: Any read on Malcolm Jenkins?  Is he VT-bound?

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BobLichtenfels :: I haven't spoken to Malcolm, I know he has an interest in Va tech, RU, and OSU.

matei:: Bob and Miller: There's a stud RB in Canada (Ontario) that I think everyone should know about...Messam...he's close to 240 pounds and runs a 4.38 40 - What can you tell us on him?

MillerSafrit:: vincitau - top player in Canada, and the numbers seem unreal.

MillerSafrit:: he likes RU and South Carolina.

vincitau:: which prospect(s) do you think we are in the best position to land?

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matei:: Who is that question for vincitau?

vincitau:: anyone

matei:: any of a number of Florida kids - I keep saying Chris McClover - he's high on us.

matei:: Locally, Hayes is high on us and how huge is that.

matei:: Natale is another one...we have a good shot at him as well.

JayLCanter:: Good to see that Hayes is . ....Schiano really does well in Hudson county, doesn't he.

vincitau:: would love to see any one of those guys in a scarlet uniform.

matei:: Jay - yes, what Schiano has done is nothing short of miraculous. But, don't sell Demo short - the guy is "Real" - every recruit I've talked to uses that precise word.

MillerSafrit:: Demo was an awesome recruiter when I lived in Raleigh.

JayLCanter:: Oh yeah ... I keep saying, the best recruit Rutgers got last recruiting season was Coach Demarest.

MillerSafrit:: I'm sure he brought the same style with him.

BobLichtenfels :: "Real" means a lot to recruits.

matei:: I remember, Jay nailed that one months ago...

JayLCanter:: Imagine if D'Onofrio and Cristobal had stayed too.

JayLCanter:: Especially with this year's talent in state.

vincitau:: Any read on the recruiting prowess of the other new guys...Holder, Galiano, and the WR coach.

matei:: Not much.  I only met C. Holder once at the RU camp - he was kind of busy with the linemen though...

matei:: he does feel strongly about Kevin Hughes though...

vincitau:: How many ships can we afford to give OL....that is the only problem?

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MillerSafrit:: Strongly which way?

matei:: They just relate to today's youth in some mystical way.

matei:: He wants to offer him...Hughes is close to an RU offer.

MillerSafrit:: told you he's a good 'un.

BobLichtenfels :: I like Schmeding in NJ, a 6-9 guy with feet on the OL.

matei:: but very few offers Bob ...why?

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BobLichtenfels :: He has 6-7 offers, he's a late bloomer, he took a huge growth spurt so his coordination is just catching up to the rest of his body.

matei:: He's a BC kid though, no?

BobLichtenfels :: BC hasn't offered, he has family ties there, but he's pretty open.

BobLichtenfels :: I wont rule RU out on any NJ kid right now.

vincitau:: Any shot at Kade Weston?

matei:: Not Weston though - he's pretty high on Georgia and FSU I think.

BobLichtenfels :: a lot of those kids' minds will be made from Rutgers on-field performance this season.

RUoptimist:: Bob that is encouraging news.

RUoptimist:: That being said is the MSU game that much bigger for recruiting?

matei:: Indeed, very good point.  Many big-time prospects will be invited for the MSU game in particular.

BobLichtenfels :: Schiano is really doing well selling the program, if he translates that into wins I like their chances with a lot of these kids.

vincitau:: Matei...any idea on how many ships we have to offer?

matei:: Only a handful of people know that answer.

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MillerSafrit:: Weston - to UGa or any team south of that.

BobLichtenfels :: I'll give you an example. Pitt has several of the Elite East Coast kids at the Miami game last fall, had they beaten them and went to the Gator Bowl they'd have landed some of them, they could've had a Top 10 class. But they lost and ended up ranked in the 30-40 range.

MillerSafrit:: By the way, I'm talking to Brian Cushing right now... 

MillerSafrit:: He says he is a lot more serious about Rutgers right now.

RUoptimist:: I arrived late, where do we stand with Cushing?

BobLichtenfels :: I told you

matei:: I said it from day #1 - we have a shot w/Cushing...a realistic shot.

matei:: but like Bob says, many of these kids want to see RU win - that's all it would take.

BobLichtenfels :: I'm sure Eugene is working him to go to VA.

RUoptimist:: When a kid like Monroe commits do schools usually back off then?  Is RU still contacting him?

matei:: Optimist - RU has not given up on Monroe

BobLichtenfels :: No, several schools will be after him until he signs on the dotted line.

JayLCanter:: Can't Cushing work Monroe on Rutgers? ;-)

BobLichtenfels :: It ain't over until that letter is faxed on LOI day.

RUoptimist:: Now you're talking JayL.

BobLichtenfels :: I could be wrong but I heard Eugene has a girlfriend that is going to UVA.

RUoptimist:: Boooo!

BobLichtenfels :: Eugene was very comfortable at UVA, that would be a tough sell.

matei:: Eugene will not change his mind...

BobLichtenfels :: I don't think so.

matei:: Eugene is a UVA kid...however, someone like R. Jackson is an RU kid.

RUoptimist:: Any word on where he is at in his thinking?

matei:: I would have to say RU leads for his services...

vincitau:: which brings me to what I was trying to ask earlier...will we still contact Mike Brown?

BobLichtenfels :: I think so.

JayLCanter:: Hey, with Zuttah last year and Roche this year . .. .getting Eugene obviously would've been huge .....but we're still getting our share as well.

RUoptimist:: Guys when and if do you fell that GS's game day coaching catches up with his recruiting?  He sure can recruit.

matei:: Exprerience is all it will take...but we're at the point now where talent can begin take its toll on the opposition.

vincitau:: Matei---is Orlando Kane as good as advertised?  Will he make an impact this year?

RUoptimist:: Miller and Bob, gun to your head are we going to a bowl this year?  Please no political tap dancing.

matei:: Orlando is better than is Dimitri Linton - I'm pretty sure both will see action (Dimitri as well).

BobLichtenfels :: No.

matei:: So you think Uconn beats us Bob?

vincitau:: appreciate the honesty.. Bob

BobLichtenfels :: Maybe if they beat UConn it may be between those two schools.

MillerSafrit:: flipped a coin - it said yes.

vincitau:: I do disagree of course.

RUoptimist:: Bob we dominated them in their house last year.

BobLichtenfels :: I said whoever wins between those two right now.

RUoptimist:: Thanks Bob.

BobLichtenfels :: The only one I'd say for sure right now is WVU.

MillerSafrit:: later all.

vincitau: later Miller....thank you.

matei: Bye Miller - Thanks for joining us.

RUoptimist: Thanks for the insight MS.

BobLichtenfels : I'd say when Schiano gets all his own kids in there, Look out!

matei: Bob, Thanks for joining us. 

JayLCanter: Thanks guys, enjoyed the insight.

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