Top 25 2006

When it comes to the Class of 2006, there's little change at the very top as Greg Oden and Derrick Caracter remain 1-2 in the country. However, there's been some shake up in the Top 10 and certainly plenty of movement in the Top 25.

Greg Oden is likely to go wire to wire (sophomore thru senior years) in terms of top billing in the Class of 2006. For the most part, he's absorbed the best shots from a bunch of top flight players, plugged along at his own pace and even once admitted that he doesn't have any post moves!

Well, for a guy who thinks he can get better, he sure is pretty good. Derrick Caracter moved to the No. 2 spot by virtue of two good showing against Oden, but unless he gets consistent with his effort, they'll be some guys hunting his spot this season.

No. 3's and 4 belong to a pair of power forwards. Brandan Wright has cemented his status as a big timer. Meanwhile, Vernon Macklin re-introduced himself to the Top 5 after a brief hiatus outside the Top 10. No one did more for his stock this summer than Macklin. Finally, rounding out the Top 5 is Oden's AAU teammate Daequan Cook, a big time perimeter gun.

Keep in mind, this list is going to change drastically in the next six months, but here's an early look at the best of the best in 2006.

2006 Top 25

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