2007 Top 15 - Who is Listing RU?

It's way too early to delve too deep into the Class of 2007. Having said that, it is important to identify some of the key players early in the process and that's what we're attempting to do with this Class of 2007 Top 15 list.

If you follow recruiting even a little bit, the name O.J. Mayo is sure to ring familiar. The high-scoring point man has been a national name since his 7th grade year when a website detailing his exploits was first discovered.

Over on the left coast, Kevin Love looks like the big time player and he's out of Oregon. Mayo's high school and AAU teammate, Bill Walker, has already etched hi name in stone as one of the elite hoopers in '07. So has Nolan Smith, the son of former NBA standout Derek Smith.

Cole Aldrich, who we earlier described as Paul Bunyan in sneakers is a rock inside. Jerryd Bayless put in work this summer and has the early track on best guard in the West.

Now, there's one little wrinkle in the Top 5. Should current 2008 forward Michael Beasley get reclassified into 2007 he'd move all the way up to No. 2 on this year.

We are presently adding more underclassmen to our Scout Database on a daily basis. Here's to hoping you enjoy this early glimpse into the future! 2007 Top 15

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