An Update on Dorian Munroe

With the summer recruiting process fading back and with his Senior year quickly approaching, Dorian Munroe, the stud Safety from Coral Reef, took some time out of his busy schedule to ponder the happenings of this past summer. <b></b> has all the latest.

At 6-foot-1 and by now 192 pounds, Dorian Munroe has received and continues to receive national attention from schools in Florida and from around the country.  Munroe possesses the type of football intangibles that make coaches salivate at the young prospect.  With an uncanny ability to place himself in the right situation, Munroe led Dade County in picks this past year.  After garnering third team All-State as a Junior in the talent rich state of Florida, is it any wonder Munroe is one of the most sought after defensive backs in the country?

Dorian Munroe, has camped at the University of Miami and at Rutgers. At an early summer University of Miami camp, he ran a 4.5 40-yard dash, lifted off for a 35.7" vertical and was named the Defensive Camp MVP.  Two of Munroe's teammates, Avery Vogt, and Eric Houston, also wowed onlookers and together, all three swept the individual awards at the UM camp.  At the Rutgers camp Munroe twice ran a 4.5 40-yard dash.

With the camping season finished Munroe is focusing on his upcoming senior season at Coral Reef.  In fact his first contest is this Friday evening against Miami Sunset Senior High.  "Our team is made up of mostly seniors and there's a lot of prospects here.  Everybody is doing really well and we're ready to go this Friday."  Munroe has every reason to be hopeful as Coral Reef is loaded defensively.  Between Munroe, Avery Vogt, and Eric Houston, in addition to teammate Kevin Smith, Coral Reef is looking at having four prospects attend big time Division I schools next year.  So loaded is Coral Reef that there has been quite a shakeup among the stars.

" Most of this summer I've focused on improving on the way I play defensive back, but now I'll be playing some running back as well," states Munroe.  Back in Pop-Warner, during the ages of 6 through 14, Munroe played solely on the offensive side of the ball, so switching to the half back position will not be an entirely new experience for him. 

Despite focusing on his senior season, the recruiting process, however, must continue.  Munroe has already scheduled two official visits to Georgia and North Carolina State.  Has Dorian given any thoughts to the rest of his official visits?  Well, not much, but there is a third place where he insists he will visit.

Rutgers fans will be happy to hear that the Scarlet Knights will receive a trip from the Florida star.  As to when it will take place is difficult to say at this point.

Nevertheless, Munroe is in no hurry to make his decision on a college choice.  "I am going to wait until the end of the season."  For now, he'll be focusing on his upcoming Senior season.

We plan on keeping in touch with Munroe throughout his Senior season, so stay tuned for updates and stats from the super Safety from Coral reef.

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