Notes and Quotes from the Scarlet Knights

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights opened up the 2004 season like they concluded their 2003 version - with a signature win. In front of a record crowd at Rutgers Stadium, the Scarlet Knights defeated the Michigan State Spartans from the Big Ten. What were the stars of the game saying after the game?

Jeremy Ito

On the significant number of opportunities he received in his first collegiate game:

"I am glad he [Coach Schiano] put me in that situation, cause I know I can hit it.  I am glad he put me in that situation."

On what Coach Schiano said to Ito after his second missed FG attempt:

"He just said to settle down.  Go through your pre-kick routine.  He knows I can do it, I know I can do it."

On potential confidence problem going into 3rd FG attempt:

"Everything is the same, I mean they're all really the same kick."

On setting the Rutgers all-time single game FG attempt record:

"I mean, it really doesn't matter that much.  What matters is that we won the game.  We're 1 and 0 and closer to a Bowl Game."


Brian Leonard

On his feeling after victory was assured:

"It was great to see all the fans running on the field."

The biggest win of Leonard's career:

"So far it's the biggest win of my career.  It's what I came here for."

On possible letdown going into contest versus New Hampshire:

"We're going and we're not looking ahead.  We got one game to play.  They're a great team.  We're going to go out and play our game."


Ryan Hart

On struggling to put ball in the endzone:

"It's very frustrating because if you look at the stats, look at the numbers, and let that dictate the score ... we need to get better at finishing drives an the red zone and we'll do that.  It's the first game and we'll work out some of the kinks and we'll come back against New Hampshire and be ready to go."

On the timeout called immediately after Brian Leonard's opening drive run:

"We had a problem with change of personnel and we didn't set up right and obviously we have to work on that this week."

On Ryan Neill's score:

"It was great.  That was really a huge momentum booster.  For him to make that play, it got the crowd back in the game.  He made a great play and he's a great athlete."

On Brian Leonard's return after being on the receiving end of a tough 4th quarter hit:

"He's a fierce warrior.  He just comes at you continually and continually ... it shows how tough he is.  He's just a great player."

On how big a win this was:

"This is a pretty big win for the Schiano era.  This is only the beginning.  We know we have a lot to work on.  We're going to get back at getting better tomorrow."

On having the team get ahead of itself record-wise:

"Everything is in place.  We're not worried about wins and losses yet.  This is a great momentum booster to get the first win and on a national level and now we have the fan support behind us, we have the confidence, and we're just going to keep on rolling hopefully."


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