Kevin Hughes on Rutgers vs Michigan State

Northern Highlands Regional HS (Allendale, NJ) OL Kevin Hughes was one of many local athletes in attendance this past Saturday for the Rutgers - Michigan State contest. One of the top offensive linemen in the state, Hughes took some time to let <b></b> know about his thoughts and feelings regarding what he witnessed this past weekend.

Listed at 6'3" and 260, one's impression is that Kevin's frame has plenty more room to hold additional weight.  That is of course good news when projecting a senior's size two or three years down the road.  A versatile athlete with quick feet, Kevin has received interest from a number of eastern schools.

Currently holding offers from Pittsburgh and North Carolina, Kevin is also receiving significant interest from Michigan State, Connecticut, Syracuse, and Rutgers


Kevin Hughes: Amazing game yesterday.

matei: Incredible.  Kevin, can you tell us how important, as a player, it is to have fans cheering for you like that?

Kevin Hughes: It was awesome, sold out, fans were great, and at times I would say the fans helped RU get some big plays.  It's very important, as a competitor you want to win no matter what, but to have 42,000 people behind you also wanting you to win is something that you can't explain.

matei: Can you tell us what your day was like?

Kevin Hughes: We got there around 2:15 because I had practice in the morning, and when we got there we took the shuttle from the RAC to the Athlete's Glen for a good lunch.  Then I met up with Coach Holder there and we talked a bit, but he had to run because it was almost game time.  We then went down and went onto the field during pre-game warm-ups, which was awesome.  You looked up and it was a sea of red, and then we went to our seats and watched the game.

matei: Can you compare this program from where it was, say 2 years ago, to what you're seeing now, up close?

Kevin Hughes: Well its totally obvious, RU is on its way up to become one of the big programs in the Big East.

matei: Do you think the message is getting across from Coach Schiano - are recruits, on a big scale, not 1 or 2 prospects, but many or most, beginning to know that they can feel about RU what others feel for Nebraska or Oklahoma, and stay home and have pride for their state university? Do you feel that is happening - are your teammates seeing it?

Kevin Hughes: Yea, definitely.  I would have to say I would agree, and I think they will definitely start getting the bigger recruits coming out of Jersey.


What Hughes indicated that he likes most of all, are the coaches. "The coaches are very good people, and they make us feel welcome.  Coach Schiano, Coach Rizzi, and Coach Holder are great people."

Hughes' season at Northern Highlands Regional gets underway later this week.  Knowing full well that he needs to start the season strong, Hughes is expected to have a strong season that will only serve to heat up the recruiting battle for the star Allendale lineman.


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