Ramsey, N.J. defensive back Michael Ray Garvin upd

Ramsey, N.J. defensive back Michael Ray Garvin update.


JH: How did your summer go?

MG: "It was a pretty good. I went to a couple of track meets and finished sixth in the nation in the 100-meters in a time of 10.73 automatic. I went to the NIKE camp at Stanford and I did pretty well. I posted the fastest forty time at 4:38 and I benched 180 24 times. That translates to a 340 bench. I posted a squat of 415."

JH: Are you planning to double in track and football once in college?

MG: "Yes, I am also going to run track in college. I am a football player running track, and I am going to college to be a football player. However, I would also like to run track. It can't hurt me to run track because all it does it help me run faster."

JH: How is your season going?

MG: "Our first game is this Friday against St. Anthony. We are going to be pretty good. We have a real good quarterback and a couple of good receivers that are very good. Our offensive line is very good. On defense, we are very fast and quick. Our team is going to be pretty good this year."

JH: Are you going to go both ways this year?

MG: "I am mainly going to play cornerback, but I might run a couple reverses on offense from wide receiver. I am going to play a little wide receiver this year."

JH: How many college coaches called you that first week last week?

MG: "I would say about 20. It was kind of fun, but sometimes it got a little tough. All the coaches are great guys and I liked talking to them."

JH: How is recruiting going?

MG: "I have a top five. They are Georgia, Oklahoma, Florida State, Colorado and Rutgers. I don't really have a favorite among that, but those are the five schools that I am going to visit."

JH: When are you going to start taking your official visits?

MG: "I have one official visit set up right now and that is to Georgia. I am going to Georgia on November 26th. I am working to set up the other four right now."

JH: Do you think you are going to take this to signing day before you make your decision?

MG: "I plan to commit right after my season is over."

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