Dorian Munroe on Rutgers' victory against MSU

Although some 3,000 high school players were in attendance for the Rutgers-Michigan State game this past weekend, several prospects listing Rutgers were quite a few miles away. Dorian Munroe, ranked as the No. 9 DB/S prospect in the country, was one of the recruits listing Rutgers that caught a glimpse of the contest. He discussed his thoughts with <b></b>.

The last time we had a chance to catch up with the stud Safety from Coral Reef, Dorian Munroe, he was anticipating the start of what promised to be a special Senior season for him and his Coral Reef HS team was ready to meet the high expectations placed on a team with so much senior leadership.  However, due to the vagaries of the highly destructive atmospheric phenomena now known as Hurricane Frances, whose two-day assault left many Floridians without power, water, and in some cases much worse, many athletic events in the sunshine state, including Coral Reef's first game, were canceled. 

"We survived the hurricane," stated Munroe, who like many Floridians now await the potential arrival of yet another hurricane approach during the latter stages of the week. 

Unlike many ravaged locations in other parts of Florida, Munroe and others nearby were actually quite fortunate that the brunt of the storm pushed far enough to the north that locations close by avoided much damage.  In fact, Munroe was able to catch the conclusion of the Rutgers/Michigan State game that opened up the college football season for both teams. 

"You [Rutgers] guys looked real good."  Munroe came away impressed by the Scarlet Knights performance, but surprisingly enough, not overly so.  Rutgers fans may be caught by surprise when they hear why.

"I thought Rutgers would go to a Bowl game.  I expected them to be good."  Which is to say that Munroe expected precisely the type of performance, save for the flaws that have already been visited ad infinitum over the Internet boards (for example, the team's inability to punch it in the end zone, despite the clear capability to move the football up and down the field), that Rutgers delivered. According to Munroe, the 2004 version of Rutgers football has plenty of talent to win and surprise many people - just not him.

"As long as they have Coach Schiano and Coach Demarest there, they will just keep getting better and better."

Munroe had the opportunity to discuss Rutgers' latest performance with his friend and Rutgers commitment, Damaso Munoz.  "He just continued to tell me how much he likes Rutgers.  How happy he was that he made his decision before the season starts." 

As far as Munroe, his team is slated to open up the season this weekend against Coral Gables High.  However, it's more than likely that he, his teammates and countless other Floridians, will keep an eye on the forecast and hope that a repeat of this past weekend does not happen again.

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