Carl Howard Comes Home

At 9:21 P.M. <b></b> brought you <b>confirmation</b> that Carl Howard, the defensive tackle from Matawan Regional High School (NJ) who originally verballed and eventually signed with the Virginia Tech Hokies last year had made a big decision. Howard's recent change of heart, brought him back home where he will join the State of Rutgers.  

Carl Howard disappointed quite a few Rutgers fans when he originally gave the Hokies a verbal pledge.  On LOI day, he inked his name and decided to take his talents out of state.  However, a recent change of heart will make Rutgers fans ecstatic to hear that the big lineman from Matawan is coming back home.

"I just think that playing in my backyard is more motivating for me.  I feel at home here and I feel more pride playing for my state university.  It's all about pride and I feel it here."

"It's bittersweet.  Leaving Virginia Tech, it's an inconvenience for them and it's an inconvenience for me.  It's nothing against Virginia Tech and their coaches, it's just that I wasn't happy.  But right now, I'm just so happy.  I'm Jersey proud and Rutgers is my school."

Howard is a big, imposing lineman, that will bolster an already impressive defensive line for Rutgers.  "On the field, I bring more talent on the D-line.  It's strong right now, but it will be even stronger with me.  I just wanted to come home.  I was talking to all the Jersey athletes and they were all saying how there's a home for me here."  Indeed, Jeremy Zuttah talked with Howard just a couple of days ago.  At that point Howard informed Zuttah, one of his closest friends, of the news. 

Howard is well aware of the improvements Rutgers has made recently, both on and off the field.  "They had a great win against Michigan State the other day.  They are and they're going to continue to turn things around."

The stud lineman will be on the Rutgers campus tomorrow morning, signing up for the fall semester.  Howard will sit out this year, as per NCAA rules, and have four years of eligibility remaining. 

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