Knightly Quotes

Knightly Quotes will take you behind the scenes ... and reveal some of Coach Greg Schiano's and Ryan Hart's thoughts on Rutgers' stunning loss to the University of New Hampshire.

Greg Schiano

"Well, what a difference a week makes.  We plain old-fashioned got licked in every area of the game, and I talked to our football  team about the fine line between winning and losing, and the young football team that we have I'm not sure they really understood what I was talking about.  I tried, we tried, but, as last week was one of eleven, this is one of eleven, and hopefully twelve - that's our goal."

"Because it's the second game of the year, we've got a lot of games left.  Our players haven't changed, they're the same players, good players, and we'll get back to the drawing board ... we didn't lose that game tonight, tonight.  On the scoreboard we did, but I believe we, over the course of the week, didn't get the job done."

"The fine line between winning and losing, between success and failure, I don't know if we as a program understand that yet.  I had hoped and prayed we could learn our lesson that is needed to be learned by this team and still win the game, but we weren't able to do that."

"I was very uptight about this week and I didn't feel very good about our preparation.  I didn't feel it was as good as it needed to be."

"Certainly this game puts a damper on Week 2, but that's all it does - it's Week 2.  We'll see the character of our football team in Week 3."

"The same people that were patting us on the back will say aaahhh, we knew it, and that's okay, they deserve to be able to say that.  I've talked a lot about the Rutgers faithful getting their hopes up and being let down.  I hope and pray this won't be the case this year, that the Rutgers faithful will have something to be proud of."

"Leadership is never more important than right now.  We'll find out who our leaders are, we better.  The old saying [goes] adversity doesn't build character, it reveals it ..


Ryan Hart

"We're very disappointed in the way we came out here - we're just going to work hard and come back next week."

"I think we prepared for them [UNH] just like we prepare for every game.  Obviously, it's a disappointing loss for this program, but we have a lot of leaders on this team, a great coaching staff and we'll be back."

"We take the next step, obviously, by forgetting about the game, going home, get some rest, tomorrow we'll work hard and prepare for Kent State."

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