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<b>Mike Ford</b> (6-foot and 200 pounds) (Sarasota HS, Sarasota, FL) is as talented and versatile an athlete one will find.  So versatile is Ford that one can't seem to get him off the field - he plays in the offensive backfield, he defends, and he plays special teams as well.  <b>Rutgers.TheInsiders.com</b> had a chance to catch up with this Florida prospect yet again to discuss his senior season.

Mike Ford is as much an athlete as you will find anywhere.  He excels on offense, on defense, and on special teams, all while running track for Sarasota HS.  Ford's major success has come at the running back position, where he averaged nearly 120 yards per contest this past year.  Not to be outdone by his football achievements, Ford also excelled at track this past season, where he has posted numerous sub-11.0 times in the 100m. 

Ford had some grade issues coming out of his junior year that he needed to take care of.  Having attended summer school and passed the required classes, Mike Ford is only now beginning to get some attention from colleges.

When we last spoke to Ford, he indicated that Eastern Michigan, Eastern Carolina, West Virginia, and Pittsburgh had all offered.  Additional schools showing interest are Miami, Florida, Ohio State, NebraskaNotre Dame, and Rutgers.

Ford got his senior underway last week, and nearly avoided a major disaster.  "I got hurt last week, last Friday.  I sprained my knee in the first quarter.  It felt really bad and I thought it was going to be really bad.  They ran me in to get an MRI, but the tests were good.  I'll be back this week and I'm already about 90%-95% back to normal."

"School is going good right now.  I got caught up in all my classes so that's really good."  Ford knows that in order that he get the type of college attention an athlete of his caliber deserves, many colleges will pay close attention to his in-classroom performance.

"I don't mind playing out of state.  To be honest, I like to look at the roster and kind of see where I can fit in.  And I wouldn't mind being red-shirted either.  As far as taking visits, I haven't really thought about it too much."  Ford indicated that he will be discussing his college list and possible official visits with his coach, Bob Perkins, in the days and weeks to come.

For right now, the main focus for Ford lies in the classroom and on the playing field.  This Friday, Sarasota plays against River View, and Ford expects to see plenty of action, despite not being completely 100%

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