Dorian Munroe Names Top 2

He is one of the best at his position and he has begun to narrow things down. While most of his focus remains on his senior season at Coral Reef HS, <b>Dorian Munroe</b>, the #10 ranked DB in the country, has decided on his Top 2 schools.

After countless cancellations and postponements during the first couple of weeks of September, the HS football season in Florida is now fully underway. 

Coral Reef HS is loaded with senior leadership this year, especially on the defensive side of the ball.  After a win to open up the young season Coral Reef stumbled by losing to Miami Southridge 6-3.  "They scored on a punt return.  We got in the red zone and only got 3 points.  We had two fumbles in the red zone."  Coral Reef is now 1-1 thus far and will next play Class 6A power Miami Central, which just surprised another South Florida power, Miami Killian. 

Recruiting wise, Dorian Munroe keeps an eye to the scoreboard that would impress even the most ardent college football fans.  He is fully aware of each of his favorite school's previous performance and their opponent. 

However, at this time, Munroe indicated that two schools stand out for him.  "Right now, Georgia and North Carolina State are my top two."  Munroe stated that he likes and gets along with the Georgia staff better than any other school.  "As far as NC State, there's a lot of Miami guys there, and they're a good team."

Scarlet Knight fans are wondering where Rutgers currently stands. Is Rutgers still in the picture?

"I still like Rutgers.  Rutgers still has a chance.  I could still see things happening where I could end up there."  Munroe indicated that the team on the current Scarlet Knight squad should be enough to land the New Jersey school in a Bowl game.  After an up and down start to Rutgers' season, Munroe still expects Rutgers to do things it hasn't in the past: win games.

Does Munroe have any feelings on whether the reconfigured Big East conference will have a tougher time recruiting the big-time athletes?  "It doesn't really bother me.  As long as you play on national television it doesn't matter.  Football is football wherever you play, and if you're on television, there must be a reason." 

At that point, Munroe asked whether Rutgers would have any more nationally televised games for the remainder of the season, given that he was only able to catch the conclusion of the Rutgers/Michigan State contest on September 4.  Once the answer of 10 in the morning on Thanksgiving Day was offered, Munroe responded: "At 10 a.m. on Thanksgiving.  I'll be up for that." Rutgers still has the opportunity to impress both the local and non-local athlete due to the administration's hard work during the off-season. With an ESPN2 contest versus Connecticut, scheduled for Thanksgiving Day, it's now up to the football squad to keep the momentum going in front of the bright lights of the national media.

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