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Amongst the many high profile recruits in attendance at the Rutgers – Michigan State game was <b>Chris Quaye</b> (6'1"– 230, 4.5 forty), the outstanding two-way (LB/RB) athlete from Timber Creek Regional High School. When asked back in August, how important a Rutgers victory over Michigan State would be, Chris had this to say, "If they lose, I would still attend, but a win would influence me a lot. I also don't think this applies to just me."

When asked back in August, how important a Rutgers victory over Michigan State would be, Chris had this to say, "I believe a lot of recruits are looking at the Michigan State game to see what progress Rutgers has made." once again caught up with Chris Quaye this past week to get his impressions on the first three games of the season. On the Michigan State game, Chris had this to say, "I knew Rutgers was coming on, but I had to see it for myself and I did. It was big-time college atmosphere and it was really great to be a part of it." Chris, who attended the game with Head Coach John Small and four of his teammates, said he was not at all surprised by the victory over Michigan State but actually expected it. "I have been watching Rutgers closely and I fully expected them to win. Still, I was blown away by the atmosphere, all the fans and noise, I just loved it." 

When asked whether the loss to New Hampshire and the narrow victory over Kent State, has had any affect on his decision to attend Rutgers, Chris didn't hesitate. "Although I can't see them having a losing season, their record will have no bearing on whether I attend Rutgers or not. There is no doubt in my mind that the program is moving in the right direction."  

Although Chris envisions himself playing linebacker at the collegiate level, he found himself spending a good part of the Michigan State game focusing on Brian Leonard. "I like what Rutgers does with its running backs. They use a lot of single-back formations much like we do. I really like the way they use their running backs." Chris sees himself as a Brian Leonard type back with tailback speed, a very scary thought. Chris also focused in on the linebackers and was impressed with their aggressiveness and athleticism. "Their linebackers played real well and I liked a lot of the schemes that they used."

Last time we talked with Chris he had written offers from Rutgers and Temple as well as verbal offers from Penn State, Maryland, Marshall and Louisville. Chris recently received a written offer from Marshall and is waiting to see how things develop with Penn State, Maryland and Louisville.  

"I still plan on making a decision either after the season is over or on National Letter of Intent Day. But I can tell you this, the Michigan State game definitely improved my feelings about Rutgers."  As the season progresses, TheInsiders will be there to bring you updates on where Chris will decide to play ball at the collegiate level.

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