New Big East Power Poll

I have been asked to participate in a weekly poll ranking the members of the New Big East Conference. Voters from each of the member schools participate, plus two extra voters. Here are the results for the week ending September 25.

New Big East Power Poll

I have been asked to participate in a weekly poll ranking the members of the New Big East Conference.  TexanMark, an administrator of, coordinates and tallies the voting.  He has recruited voters from each of the member schools, plus two extra voters whose affiliation I'm trying to discover.  The weekly rankings are published on a weblog on Syracuse Online (scroll down to the Tuesday entry).  Each week, I'll provide a link to the new rankings and publish my selections and commentary. 

Here are the rankings after the week of September 25, 2004 (first place gets one point, last place gets eight points):

1.  West Virginia (4-0) – 10 points (unanimous) (#1 last week)
2.  Louisville (3-0) – 20 points (unanimous) (#2 last week)
3.  Syracuse (2-2) – 44 points (#4 last week)
4.  Connecticut (3-1) – 45 points (#5 last week)
5.  Pittsburgh (2-1) – 47 points (#3 last week)
6.  South Florida (2-1) – 53 points (#6 last week)
7.  Cincinnati (2-2) – 70 points (#6 last week)
7.  Rutgers (2-1) –70 points (#8 last week)

My rankings for the week were:

1.  West Virginia (#1 last week) – An easy 45-10 win over James Madison in a game Head Coach Rich Rodriguez thought his Mountaineers were flat.  And still won by 35 points.  Oh, to have his problems.  The Mountaineers travel to Blacksburg for the second big showdown games of their season – against Virginia Tech.  West Virginia has proven to be the more physical team the past two years.  Can the 'Eers extend their winning streak against the Hokies to three?

2.  Louisville (#1 last week) – The Cardinals cruised past North Carolina 34-0.  Louisville has an impressive offense and a formidable defense.  The Cards will contend for the Big East champsionship next year. That's great news for the Big East after losing its two marquee teams and following with a very mediocre year.

3.  South Florida (#6 last week) – The Bulls recorded a very impressive 45-44 overtime road win at Texas Christian. This was one of the biggest wins in the young Division IA history of South Florida. 

4.  Syracuse (#5 last week) – Played Virginia surprisingly tough in a 31-10 loss.  Still positioned for a bowl game if they can take care of business at home.  Starting with Rutgers.

5.  Connecticut (#4 last week) – Demolished 40-3 an Army program one year removed from flag football.  Yawn. 

6.  Cincinnati (#7 last week) – Struggled in a 24-19 road win against awful East Carolina.  Remember when East Carolina was good?

7.  Pittsburgh (#3 last week) – The Panthers trailed Division IAA Furman for most of the game before mounting a furious 4th Quarter comeback and winning 41-38 in overtime.  Needing overtime to beat a IAA team is almost as bad as losing to one.

8.  Rutgers (#8 last week) – I said almost.  Rutgers had a bye week.  The Scarlet Knights must win their way out of the cellar.  Starting this week at Syracuse. 

Please send any comments to  I welcome and appreciate your feedback.  And please put "Rutgers" in the message header because I wouldn't want to miss your email in a sea of spam.  In the meantime, if you would like to discuss the New Big East power poll with other Rutgers fans, please visit our message board.

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