Inman Knocking It Down

It's a sight that the Rutgers coaching staff is going to love to see if it is done on a consistent basis -- <b>J.R. Inman</b> knocking down jumpers. It happened recently and Inman, the 2005 prospect from St. Joe's in New Jersey, feels confident enough that he can get the job done from the perimeter.

"I have been shooting a lot of jumpers every day," said Inman, who slightly banged up his ankle while competing at IS8 this past week. "My foot and ankle landed at a bad ankle when I went up to jump. I am okay.

  For part of the game, Inman limped around. But he seem to get his second wind in the second half. It was in the second quarter when he had to sit down for several minutes to rest the ankle. When one of his teammates also hurt his foot, Inman was called upon to play some more since the Playaz only had six players available.

  This past week Inman did though prove he can possibly be a threat from the outside. If he does prove capable to keep defenders honest along the perimeter, Inman can be a tremendous college basketball player. "I went to Rutgers to try and win a championship," he said. "We have some good players coming in next season."

  Besides Inman, Anthony Farmer and Jaron Griffin are also on board for Gary Waters' program. Waters recently received a contract extension and it appears the program could be ready to take it to another level.

  Every Rutgers fan is also awaiting the outcome of the Andrew Bynum sweepstakes. Rutgers is still high on the list, according to Andrew's brother Corey. However, there is plenty of steep competition for Bynum, who likely will also look at the NBA next spring. Bynum is currently visiting Georgia.

  But, the good news for Rutgers fans this weekend is that Inman, Farmer and Griffin still give Waters' program a very good class a chance to succeed in the future. It's obvious when watching the three players. And it's even more clear after watching Inman again this past week.

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