New Big East Power Poll

I have been asked to participate in a weekly poll ranking the members of the New Big East Conference. Voters from each of the member schools participate. Here are the results for the week ending October 2.

Big East Power Poll

I have been asked to participate in a weekly poll ranking the members of the New Big East Conference.  TexanMark, an administrator of, coordinates and tallies the voting.  He has recruited voters from each of the member schools.  The weekly rankings are published on a weblog on Syracuse Online (scroll down to the Tuesday entry).  Each week, I'll provide a link to the new rankings and publish my selections and commentary. 

Here are the rankings after the week of October 2, 2004 (first place gets one point, last place gets eight points).  There were nine voters this week:

1.  Louisville (4-0) – 13 points, five 1st place votes (#2 last week)
2.  West Virginia (4-1) – 14 points, four 1st place votes (#1 last week)
3.  Connecticut (3-2) – 31 points (#4 last week)
4.  Syracuse (3-2) – 33 points (#3 last week)
5.  Pittsburgh (2-2) – 52 points (#5 last week)
6.  South Florida (2-2) – 54 points (#6 last week)
7.  Cincinnati (3-2) – 63 points (#7 tie last week)
7.  Rutgers (2-2) – 64 points (#7 tie last week)

My rankings for the week were:

1.  West Virginia (#1 last week) – Suffered a tough loss at Virginia Tech, 19-13.  A dropped pass on the VT02 and ensuing blocked FGA/TD by the Hokies was a 14-point swing in a close, low scoring affair.  Hokie specials strike again.  The Mountaineers get a bye week before traveling to visit upstart Connecticut. 
2.  Louisville (#2 last week) – Pounded East Carolina 59-7.  Could be the best team in the league but a suspect schedule has yet to provide a real challenge.  That changes with a visit to Miami after a bye week. 
3.  Connecticut (#5 last week) – Pounded Pittsburgh 29-17.  And sent a message that there is a changing of the guard.  Connecticut's ranking is more a reflection of the weakness of the NBE than of the strength of the Huskies.  The Huskies aren't impressive.  They just find ways to win.  The Huskies are also off this weekend while awaiting a Wednesday showdown with West Virginia. 
4.  Syracuse (#4 last week) –  Persevered to a huge 41-31 win over upset-minded Rutgers.  The Orange didn't look good but found a way.  Positioned for the #3 slot in the current league, behind West Virginia and Boston College.  The non-conference death march continues with a visit from Florida State. 
5.  South Florida (#3 last week) – Played poorly in a 27-20 loss to Southern Mississippi.  Not quite ready to run with the big boys.  The Bulls get two weeks to prepare for Army.  Talk about overkill. 
6.  Cincinnati (#6 last week) – Victimized by a surprising Alabama-Birmingham team in a 30-27 loss.  The Bearcats outgained UAB by almost 200 yards but still lost.  A pick-six by coach killer QB Gino Guidugli was the difference. 
7.  Pittsburgh (#7 last week) – Absolutely crushed by Connecticut.  Walt Harris should just assume the fetal position on the sideline and let somebody else run the team.  Harris gets a chance to plumb new depths with a visit to Temple. 
8.  Rutgers (#1 last week) – Gave away an opportunity for a big road win in conference with some poorly timed TOs, awful run defense, and questionable playcalling.  Blah, blah, blah.  I hear that Iraq is looking for a new Minister of Information.  The season is riding on the brink with a visit to Nashville to play old nemesis Vanderbilt. 

Please send any comments to  I welcome and appreciate your feedback.  And please put "Rutgers" in the message header because I wouldn't want to miss your email in a sea of spam.  In the meantime, if you would like to discuss the New Big East power poll with other Rutgers fans, please visit our message board.

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