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Many, including yours truly, welcomed the thought of the hapless Temple Owls visiting Piscataway this past Saturday. Though Rutgers won, they, admittedly so, looked bad doing it. An ensuing column in the Camden Courier, known for their timely and frequent commentary on Rutgers football through the good and the bad (tongue planted firmly in cheek) had a few fans dusting off the old pencil and paper for some old-fashioned commentary of their own.

Michael Radano column: Rutgers has no excuse for this


This fan kept it short and sweet:

I'll let you decide how you feel about it. Me? I'm happy to be 4-2, two wins from bowl eligibility, looking forward to seeing Heinz Field for the first time and leaving it with a W.


This fan decided not to ... keep it short and sweet:

Was this your first Rutgers game?  Is it your first season covering Rutgers football?  I hope so because those
can be the only reasons you could draw the a similarity to Rutgers and the other major programs cited and use
that as an excuse to run down the program.
No one who is a fan of Rutgers football, and has followed the team for any length of time, is happy about the
low quality of play yesterday.  Nor will you find many that will excuse a lose to UNH or a failure to hold the
lead at Syracuse.  A Rutgers fan for any length of time can tell you about similar disappointments in years
past.  But, what does that have to do with yesterday when attendance was close to this season's average and so
far is up 20% over last year?
Do you realize you're talking about a program that has not had a winning record in 12 years?  Two years ago we
would have found a way to lose this game ... as we did four in a row to Temple before last year.  No Rutgers fan
is pretending we're Texas, Michigan, Oklahoma, Nebraska or the other schools you mentioned.  Why did you
bother, unless you have another agenda (including "state penn" was a mistake, considering how far they've
fallen recently.  It left the impression you know little about college football today.).
As to the attendance: yes, it was disappointing.  No one is pretending it wasn't.  A 5-1 or 6-0 Rutgers team
would have delivered thousands more into the stands.  It would not have changed the level of play.  Certainly
Navy and the domers playing only an hour away hurt the fan turnout, too.  Or, did you not know that?  (And
should have.)
It's obvious to all Rutgers fans that Schiano has not delivered on his promise, yet.  But, Rutgers is a lot
closer to success (winning records and bowl invitations) than it has been in a generation.  Perhaps not this
year, but in the next year or two.  Did you notice that?  Do you care?
This was a poor effort on your part.  It indicates a lack of knowledge of your subject and a failure to
understand at least some of the market you serve.  That or your motives are incredibly transparent.
I close with two suggestions: sit next to Tom Luicci on game days and learn something about your subject (Tom,
long ago, established himself as a credible critic of Rutgers sports) or, go back to writing Obituaries. 


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