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Boston College Defeats Rutgers ... Again

<b>CHESTNUT HILL, MA - Before a homecoming crowd of 41,126 and members of their 1984 "Miracle Team," Boston College did everything it could to give Rutgers a going-away-gift, before heading to the ACC. However, Rutgers stubbornly refused to take it and as a result, the Eagles ended their Big East rivalry with 12 consecutive wins over the Scarlet Knights. </b>

The final score was 21-10 but the first half ended up deadlocked at 7-7 as Boston College kept trying to insist that Andre Callender and LV Whitworth were William Green and Mike Cloud. In the second half after a Jeremy Ito 24-yard field goal, Boston College woke up and remembered what most teams know, to beat Rutgers, you pass, pass and pass. It took just 5 plays and 1:15 for Boston College to regain the lead 14-10 on a Paul Peterson 1-yard run, highlighted by a 22-yard completion to Grant Adams and a questionable 26-yard catch by Larry Lester at the 2-yard line. A 13-yard touchdown pass from Peterson to David Kashetta made it 21-10 less than two minutes into the fourth quarter and the score stood as Rutgers was unable to move the ball on the stubborn Eagle defense.

Unlike last year, Boston College was not controlling either line of scrimmage and the Eagles running game which has killed Rutgers year-in-and-year-out, was virtually non-existent. "So what happened?" "We did too many things tonight that aren't what good football teams do to win and we got exactly what we deserve," said Greg Schiano in a familiar mantra.

Ryan Hart (29-43, 302 yards) made an uncharacteristic 5-yard TD run to tie the score at 7-7. Unfortunately, Hart also had no touchdown passes and threw a 32-yard interception on the fifth play of the game to put Rutgers in its customary game of catch-up as Boston College went up 7-0. "The credit goes to Boston College's defense," said Schiano. "We didn't protect the passer very well. He was under constant pressure. They were basically in a four man rush and mixed in the blitz."

Rutgers, which dropped to 4-5 and 1-4 in the Big East must now win at Navy and at home against Connecticut on Thanksgiving to secure it's first winning season in 12 years. Although this may happen, the long elusive "signature" Big East victory will have to wait till next season. It was there for the taking yesterday, but seven false start penalties, two unsportsmanlike conducts calls (12-80 yards total), three interceptions and an average of 2.3 yards per carry usually does not add up to a victory against the 25th ranked team in the nation on the road.

QUOTES & NOTES: Rutgers' defense shutout the BC offense in the first-half for the second time this season, the other game being Temple.

Joe Radigan (5 punts/31.6 avg) continued his season long punting slump forcing Coach Schiano to try Michael Cortese with marginally better results (2 punts/32.9 avg). When asked why he had Jeremy Ito attempt 55 and 56 yard field goals and not play for field position, Coach Schiano's response spoke directly to the punting game; "The way we were punting, I decided to chance long field goals, because we were only losing an average of 17 yards between our punts and attempted field goals."

On Larry Lester's catch and Rutgers not pursuing the loose ball; "I didn't think he had possession, but the players are taught the play is always live and to let the officials sort it out. I asked (the players) and they said they didn't see the ball. They didn't know the ball was on the ground."

On the personal fouls committed by Rutgers; "That is something that we haven't had around here in a long time and I will make certain it doesn't happen around here again."

Brian Toal had 16 tackles and 3 sacks for Boston College. Two other New Jersey guys, Larry Lester and Grant Adams also had good games for the Eagles.

Tres Moses has 68 catches, one shy of Marco Battaglia's school record of 69 catches in a season. He is almost certain to break the record with two games left to play.

Ryan Neil on whether the team is improving; "Well I think in certain areas we are getting better (as a team) but in other areas, we are falling behind."

Nate Robinson began to tap into his unlimited potential and show why he was so highly recruited. Berkeley Hutchinson also had a good game.

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