Inman Improving on a Daily Basis

Gerald "J.R." Inman is all about taking his game to the next level. Constantly working on the weaker aspects of his game Inman is molding himself into a more complete player everyday.

The next several months are pretty important to Gerald J.R. Inman, a 6-foot-8 jumping jack forward from St. Joseph's Montvale in New Jersey. Inman, part of a tremendous recruiting class of 2005 for Gary Waters' and his hard work assistants, is just turning the corner on making himself a more complete player. Inman has noticed the difference in his game too as have other basketball scouts and fans.

"I have been shooting a lot of jumpers everyday," Inman said. "I want to feel more confident in my perimeter game so everyday I have been working on it very hard."

Inman has always been an exciting player. He has great athletic skills, can jump to the roof, and lift a crowd off their fannies when he jams home a high-rising dunk. But it's the little important parts of being a basketball player that Gerald is looking to improve, including his jumpshot.

"I have been taking about two to three hundred jumpers a day," he stated. "It can really wear your arms down." Inman then smiled. "But it's worth it. I can feel the difference and I am more confident in taking my shot."

Over the past month, Inman has performed at some all star games and also in the IS8 League held in South Jamaica, New York. He has been rock solid with his jumper. Everyone expects him to dunk over bodies but now the consistency level of his perimeter game is making people notice he is more than just a great athlete.

"I always knew I was a very good athlete," Inman said. "But I want to be a complete player. I want to be able to help Rutgers win a Big East championship. It's also more than shooting jumpers. I want to get quicker, move my feet quicker on defense. I have been working with a personal trainer to become stronger too. When you get stronger, it helps a lot of parts of your game."

For now, Inman is hoping to help his team win a state championship. Then it's on to Rutgers and playing in the Big East Conference. Plenty more time for Inman to continue improving his game. "That's what I plan to do," he said.

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