Rutgers Visitors for the December 10th weekend

After getting commitments from three of the eight visitors from the past weekend, Rutgers will be visited by 16 additional players this weekend. The list of visitors is headlined by four-star DB Dorian Munroe, Chris Barney, and the McCourty Brothers from St. Joseph Regional High School-Montvale.

The following prospects will be visiting on December 10th:

- Chris Barney

- Chris Dirksz

- Dustin Forston

- Keegan Kennedy

- Leron King

- Glenn Lee

- Chris McClover

- Devin McCourty

- Jason McCourty

- Geoff McDermott

- Damaso Munoz

- Dorian Munroe

- Chris Quaye

- Davon Smart

- Derrick Smith

- Kyle Wilson

We will provide additional details soon.

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