Shane McElwain Update

Shane McElwain is a new name that recently surfaced on the Rutgers recruiting list just a few short weeks ago. The talented prospect out of Palm Beach, FL, has been busy getting his highlight tape to colleges and recruiters are quickly taking note of the young man's vast athletic ability on the football field.

A senior at Palm Beach Central HS, FL, Shane McElwain is part of the first senior class at his new school.  Indeed, for those that are wondering, this is McElwain's first year of high school football. 

"It's his first year of playing high school football," stated Mr. McElwain, Shane's father, in an earlier interview with

"He's been playing Junior hockey in Canada.  He's a big kid and he's a little athletic."

A little athletic is somewhat of a modest understatement - at 6-foot-4 and 245 pounds, he has feet agile enough to use the ice rink as his own personal speedway - this will catch most observers eyes.

But, given that Central HS is in its infancy in a state renowned for its high school football and that McElwain will be a part of the first senior class to graduate from the school, it may not be all that surprising that his recruitment has gotten off to a late start.

A late start is all that it was, as colleges have taken notice of the OL/DL prospect.

McElwain already holds scholarship offers from Akron, Florida Atlantic, South Florida, and Arkansas.  Most recently, Michigan State's John L. Smith called the household.  McElwain is slated to visit the Big 10 school January 21st. An offer from Michigan State is likely on its way.

"He gets a ton of calls from coaches everywhere, but not so much from Florida.  But finally Florida and Florida State are now calling also."

With the recent surge in attention, does McElwain have any more thoughts on Rutgers?

"He's very interested in Rutgers.  Coach Rizzi came in and talked to him and we thought a scholarship offer would be made.  He was shocked and thrilled.  He (Shane) was hoping for an offer but nothing came," stated Mr. McElwaine.

The situation as far as Rutgers is concerned is in limbo.  The McElwains have decided on at least three official visits so far (Akron, Arkansas, and Michigan State) and the prospect of an official visit to Rutgers is intriguing.  However, Mr. McElwain stated that his son would only trip where he has been offered.

Are there any things in particular that are more appealing in making a college decision?

"For Shane, location is really at the bottom, because he's really been living away from home for a while.  He lived away at Prep School as a freshman and was away as a sophomore, and then was away with hockey.  Being away from home is not a big deal for him.  He's pretty open to being anywhere."

Mr. McElwain indicated that a deadline for making a decision has been set. 

"He's at a new high school now.  And his class is the first senior class.  And what he wanted to do, on the 26th of January, the day of the high school football banquet, was make his announcement with his team."

McElwain is already fully qualified with a 2.85 GPA and a 900 SAT.

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