Rutgers Recruiting Conn. Jr. Point Guard

Rutgers is among the suitors for junior point guard Doug Wiggins from East Hartfortd, Conn.

As late at last fall, Doug Wiggins was a virtual unknown outside his home state. Touching base with the energetic 5-foot-11, 155 pound point guard/lead guard from East Hartford High School in 2005, and one finds a slew of high major programs poking around, and Wiggins' stock continuing its ascent.

"He wasn't even on the map last summer," said East Hartford coach Anthony Menard. "But now he's getting interest from Big East schools."

The 16-year old junior piqued the interest of many with his play at the IS8 League in Queens this fall. Now college coaches are beginning to file in to see if the dodgy guard is indeed for real.

"Connecticut has been in, Norm Roberts from St. John's is coming next week," said Menard. "Boston College (is interested), Rutgers is coming in next week, Providence in a couple of weeks, George Washington as well. St. Bonaventure has already been up here."

Wiggins is averaging 24 points, seven assists, and four rebounds for 5-1 East Hartford, despite commanding quite a bit of attention from opposing defenses.

"He's getting double and triple-teamed," said Menard. "We're 5-1. We lost to the seventh-ranked team in the state. He had 19 points in the first half, before they started putting a trap on him."

At the moment, a number of Big East programs are interested, but one got in on Wiggins early and appears to be the most serious at this stage of his recruitment.

"I would say that St. John's is the most interested right now," said Menard. "They've been recruiting him extremely hard."

Wiggins is a wiry and athletic guard with a good feel. He is elusive off the dribble, can get in the gaps, and is pretty quick to the hole. He boasts a fairly consistent jumper from long range, and can create for himself off the dribble. He's an exciting player to watch in transition, capable of catching dunks over larger opponents with his explosiveness. He'll have to get stronger for college play. At 16, he may not be done maturing physically.

Wiggins will suit up with J.R. Hargrave's Connecticut Basketball Club on the AAU circuit this spring and summer.

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