RU Commits in Dade/Broward All-Star Game

If you wanted to know how much talent is in South Florida all you had to do was show up at the Dade/Broward Nike All-Star game this week and see how many college coaches were on the sideline scouting the talent. More than 100 high school All-Stars participated in the 8th annual Nike South Florida All-Star game. Several Rutgers commits were on hand displaying a glimmer of their future promise.

Rutgers, who has done a very good job of landing some nice players from south Florida, had a few of their own commitments playing in the All-Star game. Guys like Damaso Munoz from Southridge High School, Chris Dirksz from Dr. Krop High School, and Dennis Campbell from Plantation. In addition, there were other prospects that Rutgers is recruiting: Chris Barney of Northwestern, Chris Chancellor of Edison High School and Antoine Cox from Killian High School.

In an All-Star game, with an abundance of prospects vying for playing time, it is easy to get lost in the mix. However, what was most impressive about each of these players is that each made an impact in the game.

Dennis Campbell ran hard all night and at the end of the game had a five yard reception where he fought his way into the end-zone. Campbell is certainly not the biggest of running backs, at 5-foot-10 and 185 pounds, but he showed his toughness in this game. He has pretty good speed and quickness as well. Put all the characteristics together and Campbell played like one gritty back. Saving the biggest honor for the end, Campbell was named one of the MVPs for the game.

One of the most impressive of the Scarlet Knights commitments was Chris Dirksz of Dr. Krop. On his first series on the defensive side of the ball he was in for four plays and had two tackles one of which was for a loss, behind the line of scrimmage. Later in the game, the future Scarlet Knight exemplified why he could very well be the gem of Greg Schiano's latest class.

As the play initiated Dirksz fought off his defender and busted through the line of scrimmage and almost had another tackle for loss. After narrowly missing the running back he ran ten yards down the field, caught the back from behind and was in on part of the tackle. This play alone shows that even though he had not made the initial tackle his hustle and determination would not allow him to give up on the play. Considering this was Dirksz' first game ever at defensive tackle, most onlookers would have to admit he had a very impressive night.

Another Rutgers commitment that saw significant action was Damaso Munoz. Munoz was all over the field and also made an impressive tackle for loss. In all he was credited for in between 3 and 4 tackles for the game. Munoz who looked like he weighed around 200-pounds to 205-pounds for the majority of the year, seems to have put on about 10-15 pounds. He is a very good looking prospect and could play several positions. Strong Safety and Middle Linebacker are my best bet of where he will line up in college.

Another notable that had an impressive showing was Chris Chancellor who shut down the receiver he was covering for most of the night. He also finished the game off with a critical interception that, if caught by the Dade county receiver, could have potentially sent the game into overtime with a game-tying field goal.

Killian Cornerback Antoine Cox, whom Rutgers is also targeting, had a nice open field tackle and also did not give up a reception all night.

As for Chris Barney it was a mixed bag type of night. On some plays he dominated the line of scrimmage, as one would expect of a man his size. At other times he drew the notorious flag for holding after getting beaten badly by the opposing team's defensive ends. He is the type of prospect that, if he can get into better shape and work hard, can be an All-American in college.

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