Chris Quaye Celebrates his LOI Day

<b>Chris Quaye</b> (Timber Creek Regional HS, Erial, NJ) is the type of New Jersey persona that will make Rutgers proud. Long rumored to be leaning toward Rutgers, Quaye's interest in his state school never wavered one single iota. Quaye is the type of individual that simply goes about his business - seemingly unaffected and certainly not flamboyant, Quaye just gets the job done.

On February 2nd of 2005, Quaye's primary pursuit placed him in the limelight as he became the focal point of Timber Creek Regional while officially joining the Rutgers Football incoming class of 2005.

"Rutgers is the best fit for me," stated Chris Quaye on November 14th, after giving Rutgers his verbal pledge.

Quaye's football season got off on the wrong foot this year, as a stress fracture in his foot kept him sidelined for a significant portion of the season.  Rutgers fans will be happy to know that Quaye is 100% healthy and getting ready to embark on his next journey.

Fans across the country wait eagerly for Letter of Intent Day, hoping that one recruit has a change of heart, or perhaps sticks with his original plan.  Fans across the country gather to discuss their favorite team's incoming class, how the recruiting gurus simply missed out on several of the blue chips their school landed, and how this will hurt their overall ranking and sink state-wide perception of their beloved school.

Rutgers fans are no different.  Indeed, what Rutgers fans do know, is that Chris Quaye is not just another 2-star prospect.  Quaye simply gets the job done, a notoriously hard worker, he steps away from the limelight and keeps a lower profile than most.  Attention is not what he is after.  And perhaps that is the reason why those around him look to him, for leadership - because he leads by example.

"It [Letter of Intent Day] means a lot to Christopher," stated Mr. Quaye, Chris' father.  "And it means a lot to us.  It is true that it is a sort of relief that we don't have to pay for his education.  His family, his friends, and his whole football team, they are all very proud of him, and that was the reason why it was decided that he would sign in front of the entire school.  Because it shows that through hard work good things can happen.  Christopher really did us proud."

The banquet at Timber Creek for Quaye's announcement took place earlier today, at 2 PM.  The entire school, including staff, local media, and the Timber Creek football team were on hand to celebrate with Chris Quaye and his family.

Certainly a team player, but just as much a leader, Quaye exemplified his will to lead and win in his last HS football game.

"His teammates really look up to him.  When Christopher got hurt, everyone was down.  Without Christopher, they felt they couldn't really reach their expectations.  In the last game, the team played one heck of a game, which they won 7-0.  Chris played one heck of a game.  Everyone afterwards, the players, the coaches were all saying how they could not have won that game without him."  And in a drawn-out, high-scoring affair such as that (tongue firmly planted in cheek) it is impressive how the defensive performance of a single player could determine the final result.

But that is the type of influence Quaye has.  He does exactly what is needed to do.

Quaye is a perfect replica of the type of student-athlete that Greg Schiano has tried to bring to Rutgers since his tenure began.  A no-nonsense guy that goes about his business, quietly, and just gets the job done.

Stay tuned for bonus coverage of Chris Quaye's signing of his Letter of Intent ...


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