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Rutgers hosted about 75 of the top HS prospects from the entire Garden State this past Saturday as part of the program's annual Junior Day. However, <b>Tom McEowen</b>, one of the top prospects in attendance hails from the state of Pennsylvania.

Tom McEowen is a 6-foot-4 and 280-pound prospect from Neshaminy HS, PA.  During his junior year, McEowen totaled 89 tackles, 15 of which were for loss.  In addition, he accumulated 5 sacks and forced 2 fumbles.  All this while opposing defenses attempted to keep McEowen in check by double teaming him a significant portion of the time.

Rutgers was McEowen's first scholarship offer, having arrived in the mail little less than one month ago.  However, given a junior year filled with highlights, several schools have taken notice, and it is only a matter of time before more colleges come knocking on the McEowen's door.

One of those schools is McEowen's state school, Penn State.  McEowen was invited to attend Penn State's Junior Day festivities, also held this past Saturday, but instead decided to hold true to his earlier commitment and attend the Rutgers Junior day.

"Everything there [at Rutgers] is really nice.  We got there, we then signed in.  Coach Schiano then gave his speech about the school, what Rutgers is all about.  And then we went on the tour to see all the facilities, the bubble, the weight room.  Then we went to eat and then we went to the basketball game."

One of the major highlights of every prospect's visit to Rutgers these days is the newly refurbished weight room.  For McEowen, the experience was no different.

"Everything was really nice, everything was brand new."

These days McEowen spends his off-season time preparing for his senior season, and beyond.  A strict and regimented work-out routine has been implemented.

"I lift four days per week.  Right now we're focusing on gaining weight, getting bigger and stronger.  We haven't started running yet."

McEowen spends Mondays through Thursdays in the gym, alternating between upper and lower body work-outs.  Mondays and Thursdays he hits the upper body, with a general pyramid bench approach.  "We go for 10, 8, 8, 6."  That is to say, lifting the desired weight for 10 repetitions, increasing the weight such that 8 repetitions can be performed, twice, and finishing off with 6 repetitions, at the maximum work-out weight of 255-pounds. 

At this time McEowen plans to attend Junior days at other colleges, but nothing specific has yet been set.

McEowen projects as one of the top DL prospects in the entire state of Pennsylvania and his recruitment is certain to heat up in the near future.  For Rutgers, the advantage is to have arrived first.  Though still very early in the game, once the big name schools start to trickle into the picture it remains to be seen whether Rutgers can remain in the hunt.

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