Prime Time Shootout: Saturday Recap

<b>TRENTON, N.J. –</b> Amir Johnson didn't miss a shot in his game against Xaverian but that wasn't the signature effort of Saturday at the Prime Time Shootout. Junior Wayne Ellington scored 36 but didn't claim the top game as that honor belonged to rugged wing Paul Harris of Niagara Falls.


Montrose 77, Episcopal 66
Westchester 62, Xaverian 48
Vashon 69, Niagara Falls 66
Mount Vernon 64, Christian Brothers 56
Rice 56, Raritan 41
Montverde 60, Rufus King 56


Paul Harris, PG/SG/SF, Niagara Falls: If you were looking for a signature performance of the event, Harris delivered it in an overtime setback to Vashon in the event's best game. He shot 71% from the floor including a pair of 3s. However, he relentlessly attacked the bucket (as he always does) and consistently proved that he's one of the hardest playing wings in the nation. In the first half he picked his spots before sensing the moment and taking over down the stretch.

Maybe even more impressive than his scoring total (27 points, 14 shots) was the toughness with which he rebounded the rock. He's tough to pigeonhole in terms of position but his game is maturing and he was a crowd pleaser on Saturday. One spectator yelled out, "He's Bo Jackson." Can't argue with that assessment!

Wayne Ellington, G, Episcopal: He went for 36 in the game and 17 in the first half in what is likely to be one of his signature efforts of the season. We had him with 8 boards and 2 assists but it was the skill and smoothness by which he scored his points that caught your eye. Whenever we're in the gym he delivers the goods and Saturday night had people buzzing about his talents.

Edgar Sosa, PG, Rice: This was probably the best all-around game we've seen him have. From the passing to the extra gear on the drive, he was in complete command of his game. He went 7-for-15 from the field, attacked when he had to and was masterful with the ball. His alley-oop to Kelly out of a half court out of bounds set was ridiculous. Sosa finished with 17 points and will move up our PG list.

Curtis Kelly, PF, Rice: One of the rangiest guys out there, Kelly was able to face his guy up, make his move and score. He's got a high ceiling and still has room to grow. Where he can really make his mark will be as an intimidator. The big fella racked up 16 points and 13 rebounds.

L.D. Williams, SF/SG, Montverde: He made his free throws down the stretch and has a good attention span at both ends of the floor. He went for 18 points but only made 4 field goals as he did his damage from the line. He's a hustler.

Troy Cotton, SG, King: He was having a quiet game and then late in the second half he went on a run of 3s that really helped his squad inch closer to Montverde. Cotton finished with a team-high 17 points. He's committed to Wisconsin-Green Bay and should be a solid mid-major player with range. …


Uche Echefu, PF, Montrose: We had him with a 7-for-11 evening and double-digit rebounds. However, it wasn't his points but his passion and intensity that caught your eye. Echefu was as animated as we've ever seen him and was intent on taking care of business in the paint.

Amir Johnson, C/PF, Westchester: He turned in a perfect evening from the field going 8-for-8 in the contest to go with 4 rebounds. He scored it with some skill and recent rumors of a possible early entry to the NBA are swirling and a few NBA types were in the house. Because of injuries and the like, he's left with a short amount of time to create the type of resume needed to make such a big leap worthwhile.

Greg Paulus, PG, CBA: You've got to give him credit because he has no supporting cast. Still, Paulus gets things done. He had 26 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assists and his needed every positive play he could make. You put good basketball players around Paulus and he'll routinely make plays. It's hard to play against a club like Mount Vernon and be the primary handler, scorer, passer and even rebounder.

Qa'rran Calhoun, SF/PF, Raritan: He had to play strictly inside against Rice and showed well. A bouncy, explosive athlete, Calhoun guards both forward slots and really is a guy that has to be accounted for all the time because his athleticism allows him to make plays. He's listed as a senior but its common knowledge that he'll do a prep season. We had him down for 15 points and 12 boards, not bad numbers considering he had to deal with Kelly a good portion of the time.


Mike Coburn, CG, Mount Vernon: He's very talented in a number of ways and we still can't project a final position for him, which is fine. He seems extremely comfortable attacking the rim and scoring but also can pass the ball. For now we'll call him a combo and watch him grow. On 8-for-21 from the field he had 18 points.


Korey Lucious, PG, Rufus King: The billing as one of the best guards in his class is for real. Although he struggled with his shot today, you can see the speed, vision and natural ability. He's a starter on an excellent team and has a great feel and pace to his game. Has the look of a big timer in his class. He had 13 in the loss to Montverde.


UNC assistant coach Joe Holladay was here to see the Episcopal Boys of Ellington and Henderson. North Carolina was joined by UConn assistant Tom Moore who is also in hot pursuit of Ellington. … Jonathan Mitchell of Mount Vernon did not play and has the flu. … UNC was also in the gym watching Echefu who played against Ellington. …

Paul Guase of Schalick is a big time football prospect caught in basketball limbo. Hoops, according to his coach, is his love but football might be his future. Gause still needs a test score and has an offer from JMU and interest from Clemson, South Carolina and Providence. The possibility of prep school has surfaced. A 5th year would give him time to decide on a sport while getting his academics in order. …

Garland Mance of Rutgers was in the house watching the local underclassmen, including Qu'rran Calhoun. … Matt Painter of Purdue was in the gym watching Chris Lowe and the underclassmen in attendance like Mitchell Carter and Edgar Sosa. … Kris Lowe of Mount Vernon has interest in Fordham, St. John's, Purdue and West Virginia. He still needs a test score and prep school might be an option. … Syracuse had assistants Mike Hopkins and Rob Murphy in the gym watching Paul Harris. …


Curtis Kelly can cover multiple guys because of his abnormal wingspan. He guards the whole lane. … Luc Mbah A Moute is going to play a niche at UCLA. He's got a long body, is a nice athlete and can pass. … Mitchell Carter is going through and up and down season. He's just not sure of himself in the post but if he'd go to the quick move where he can get his hook shot off it might spurn on his confidence. …

Korie Lucious plays so hard defensively that you hope he sustains that defensive desire his entire career because he can be special. … St. Pat's Corey Fisher was in the house watching games today. You have to admire the guys who just love ball. …

Bobby Hill, a junior small forward and at least a mid-major prospect, scored 18 to lead a team-oriented Vashon squad. … Saiquon Stone had 19 points to lead Xaverian. … Gerald Henderson had 12 points (6-for-16 FG) and 7 rebounds for Episcopal. …

Adrian Bowie of Montrose is gaining offensive confidence. Always an excellent slasher, he passed the ball extremely well in the nightcap. … Paul Harris is a rugged wing. He takes the low block spot normally reserved for big men during free throws. …

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