A closer look at off-season conditioning

<b>Michael's</b>, in Ridgewood, New Jersey, has been training some of New Jersey's top athletes for years. The recent list includes future D-I players such as Michael Ray Garvin, Nate Nurse, Brian Roche, and Corey Wooten. Scout.com gives you an inside look at how some of today's top juniors are training in preparation for their upcoming summer workouts, combines, and camps.

Michael's is equipped with the latest machinery, including state-of-the-art Microcurrent technology.  Michael's Power/Speed/Performance, located in Ridgewood New Jersey, is in a prime location centered about some of the top parochial and public football playing high schools in New Jersey.  As a result, it is where some of yesterday's and today's top athletes train.  This past week, Scout.com had a chance to follow four of New Jersey's top athletes, as they continued their daily preparation for their Senior year and beyond.


Jack Daniels [DB]: 5'11" 185-pounds Ramsey-> Don Bosco Prep School

Anthony Ferla [DB]: 5'10" 188-pounds Montvale-> St. Joseph Regional HS

Mike Gee [DE]: 6'2.5" 240-pounds North Arlington-> Queen Of Peace HS

Wallace Oldham [DE]: 6'3" 238-pounds Montvale-> St. Joseph Regional HS


Select each image below, by clicking on it, for a larger size image:

Daniels strengthening his latissimus dorsi (back) with a set of chin-ups.

Daniels hitting his entire chest with the flat bench press.

Daniels finishing his back workout with an ultimate shrug exercise.

Gee starting his chest workout with a set of incline bench press.

Gee pounding out the all-important last rep on the incline bench press.

Gee burning his forearms with a set of reverse barbell curls.

Gee targets his triceps with the triceps dip.

Ferla pounding his entire chest with the flat bench press.

Ferla hitting his back with a set of dumbell bent-over rows.

Ferla working out his arms, with a set of dumbell incline curls.

Ferla working hard pulling the weighted sled.

Ferla receiving microcurrent (soft tissue treatment) from Kevin Ensenat.

Kevin Ensenat applies Active Release Technique (ART) methods to Ferla to remove scar tissue build up that would otherwise cause muscles to become shorter, weaker and less effective.

Oldham concentrating on his first set of squats with the barbell full squat.

Oldham digging deep with 335-pounds on the squat.

Oldham working his abdominals.

Oldham putting the final touches on his back workout with an ultimate shrug exercise.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent is a technique for treating muscular discomfort by increasing the body's energy production and protein synthesis.  An excellent recovery technique, it is available to all who train at Michael's.


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