As we know by now, when it comes to producing skill position talent, there may not be a better place to look than the Miami-Dade/Broward/Palm Beach area. Now, we are finding that the line prospects – on both sides of the ball are impressive as well. Here is the second look at these top-flight players.

In the first part of this unique pre-spring insight into the Class of 2006 line prospects of South Florida, we gave you some talent that you already knew about along with some stars to keep an eye on over the next 10 months.

While I have long said that watching film is important, actually getting out and seeing these talented athletes and speaking with them one-on-one, makes all the difference in the world. The ability to get out and watch the athletes and speak with them and their respective coaches makes all the difference in the world.

This feature takes a look at the top prospects in South Florida that play on the offensive and defensive lines. What is most impressive is the number of lineman this year from South Florida that will be heavily recruited by the top schools in the nations. Whether its Dade County, Broward County or even Palm Beach County the lineman are well represented in each of those areas.

MIAMI CENTRAL: The Rockets enter the season with two of the best defensive lineman in the state this year with ends Bryant Miller and Sheldon Jacques.

Bryant Miller

Miller, who some compare to former Rocket Bryan Pata is an impressive 6-foot-4, 255 pounds. He has the frame to add weight and eventually move inside to defensive tackle. Miller is a very good prospect but far from one that is polished. Once he learns to play with better leverage and does not come off the ball so high he will be a much better defensive lineman.

"Having watched Miller play three times a year ago in person, I am impressed by his size, quickness and ability to read plays," said Publisher Larry Blustein. "What he needs to work on is giving 100 percent on every play throughout the course of a game."

I agree with Larry's comments. Having watched him against Ives Estates Dr. Michael Krop last season, in a game that went down to the wire, he did take too many plays off for an elite prospect. He does, however, have the ability to make plays at any time.

Sheldon Jacques

As for Jacques, he is not as highly regared at this time, but Sheldon will draw a lot of interest as well.

"Sheldon needs to spend this spring and summer in the weightroom and watching film," said Blustein. "He has the instincts to play the game, but needs to get in better shape, espcially with the schedule the Rockets have to play."

We will have the chance to see both of these standout players at the Perfect Competition/ Football Camp-Combine on Saturday, March 19 and Sunday, March 20 in Davie, Fl.

MIAMI MONSIGNOR PACE: Last season, the Spartans had two very good prospects in RB Conredge Collins and Safety Quinton Andrews. As good as those two were offensive tackle Javon Hill may even be better this year.

Hill comes in at 6-foot-4, 320 pounds. He is far from a finished product, but with the proper coaching in college and some time in the weight room, Hill can end up an All-Conference type lineman.

He is best suited to move inside to guard in college. If Hill does play tackle it will most likely be on the right side of the line. After transferring over from Hollywood McArther as a junior, Hill has struggled at times, but look for the hard work he has had to endure to finally to pay off in 2005.

"Watching him plays some nine times as a sophomore when McArthur had that brilliant playoff run, I felt that we were seeing another 'can't miss' prospect," said Blustein. "But what happened last year is Javon lost his edge, and in my opinion, didn't work as hard as he could have. He will need to press that intensity button this year if he plans to join those elite players."

We will have the chance to see Javon Hill at the Perfect Competition/ Football Camp-Combine.

DEERFIELD BEACH: It is said every year that the one school that receives the best football talent in the state are the Bucks. With such outstanding programs such at the Deerfield Packer-Rattlers as well as the Pompano Chiefs and Cowboys to choose from in the competitive South Florida Youth Football League, this is a program that will always be loaded and simply re-stock!

Last week, I had the pleasure of seeing what this program had in store for the upcoming season, and despite those so-called "experts" saying that things have dropped off, maybe talking on the phone or watching film isn't the greatest resource in this particular instance!

This program has two rising prospects that really need the attention of every college in the nation. Those prospects two prospects we had the chance to sit down with and get to know a lot better.

Defensive tackle Mike Blanc and offensive tackle Damien Senior are two other players who have flown under the radar, and unless you get on campus and see what they have to offer, you will be kept in the dark on these prospects!

As a junior, Blanc was Deerfield Beach best defensive lineman. He relies on a quick step off the ball and can make plays in the opposition's backfield. With a big senior season he can end up as highly regarded as former Deerfield Beach star Emanuel Dunbar (Florida State University).

Marc Blanc

Another prospect to check out for the Bucks is OT Damien Senior. When it comes to offensive lineman in high school, not many are more impressive looking than Senior. He is big, physical and moves well for someone his size. He is one of the big time sleeper prospects in the state of Florida this year.

"Blanc is big, physical and will wear you down," said Deerfield Beach head coach Greg Minnis. "With a big senior season, all the big schools will be calling. He has a ton of talent now he needs to just translate that on to the football field."

"As for Senior, he is another talented kid on our team that just needs to work hard and things will start to fall his way," Minnis continued. "He did not play much last year and once the college coaches get a look at him the offers will start pouring in."

Damien Senior

MIAMI GULLIVER PREP: There was a time a few years back when all eyes were on this school during a 2A state championship run when the Raiders had gifted players like Sean Taylor and Buck Ortega, but times changed.

2006 finds the school back in the Division 1A mix with offensive tackle Evan Bellamy. Like with Hill, his best days seem to be ahead of him. He is another big guy that moves extremely well. He is not a house hold name but that should change with a big senior season. Look for Bellamy to be a 1st Team All-State type lineman this year.

"Evan is one of those athletes that has flown way below the radar screen," said Blustein. "We first saw him last summer during the Florida International University Air Strike competition, and he was truly someone to keep an eye on. He has great feet, improving strength and a tremendous attitude to play this game. I have to believe that he will only get better."

In the next installment of Talent in the Trenches, we will talk about OT Kevin Perez from Miami Killian High School, Brandon Davis and Heldger Valle of South Miami Senior High, Kendal Mason, Robert Balkunas, John Lubischer (Cardinal Gibbons transfer) of Boca High School and David Bedford of Palm Beach Lakes.

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