Evening Links -- Sweet 16 Edition


Important TD Club News and Notes:       


The Touchdown Club needs volunteers to help us at our meetings and to staff our tables at the stadium before games. We also would like to see some new faces step forward to help us with our newsletter, web site and other aspects of running the club. If interested please call Doug Dolan evenings or weekends at 973-334-6051. The Club would love to see some fresh faces that love Rutgers football and are ready to roll-up their sleeves and help.


Court Club

Look for the listing of other Court Club events including a February bus trip, our April Ad Journal and Banquet, and our May Senior Farewell.

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Women's Basketball

Top coaches in game in women's semifinals

Davenport: Best of the Buckeyes

A Coach's Life Lesson: Basketball Is Just a Game

Rutgers looking 'sweet' in rematch with Ohio State

Buckeyes won first meeting 52-50

Rutgers guard wants to keep her promise

Preview and Notes: RU vs OSU

Davenport turns OSU into power


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