Two way standout looking to make early decision

While most would consider Myron Rolle of the Hun School in New Jersey the top rated defensive back in the state, one prospect that would like to change that thinking is <b>Antwine Perez</b>. Perez, a 6-foot-2 and 190 pound safety/quarterback is a prospect that most feel is one of the top prospects in New Jersey.

While Myron Rolle gets all the attention, Antwine Perez looks to take some of the spot-light off of him. Last Season Perez put up some impressive stats on both sides of the football. He had over 55 tackles and 7 interceptions. He also had over 1700 yards passing as a quarterback along with 14 touchdowns to only 8 interceptions. Along with those stats on offense, Perez rushed for another 400 yards and had 10 rushing touchdowns. Perez was named to the All-State New Jersey Team and All-Conference Team as well.

What we at wanted to know is which side of the ball Perez would like to play on at college.

"I want to play on defense. I like hitting the ball carrier and it's where I feel most comfortable. I just love contact and that's why playing on the defensive side of the football is a better fit," stated Perez.

So does Antwine feel that playing on offense helps him out when he lines up on the defensive side of the football?

"Oh yeah, playing offense makes me understand better of where the receiver is going to be. It helps you out when the opposing offense is in certain situations, you can get a better feel of what they will do."

We asked the star safety whether one part of his game is stronger relative to other aspects of his game.

"I feel my ability to hit is my best attribute. I love to punish what ever comes across my path," Perez said.

Despite being a talented and coveted athlete Perez did state that he could improve in certain aspects.

"Coverage skills, I can never get good enough at that part of my game. If I can continue to get better at covering backs and receivers then my game can get to another level."

The time-table for Perez is somewhat different than that of most prospects at this stage of the recruiting season. Will Perez make an early decision?

"I want to make an early decision because I will graduate in January and look to enroll at that time. I would like to make all my visits before making a final decision. You can expect for a decision to come some time in the middle of the season.

Perez currently lists Michigan, USC, Tennessee, Florida and Ohio State as his top schools. Perez has received offers from his favorites and, in all, lists over 30 schools that have offered him a scholarship.

Perez also indicated that he intends on camping at USC this summer and may also camp at Rutgers, where his defensive backs coach will be coaching during Rutgers' camp.

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