Focus '06: Shore Conference Lineman

Over the past few years, the Shore Conference has started to become one of the most competitive in the state. The result is top schools in the nation taking notice of players like Red Bank Regional's 6-foot-3 and 260-pound prospect Jeff Kulat.

Jeff Kulat has received interest from Duke, Virginia, Indiana and Rutgers, but is currently leaning toward Duke or Virginia. He likes Rutgers as well and will attend their camp, and is going to look at all of his options before sitting down with his family to decide. Jeff wants find a great school to play football and learn engineering.

Besides, Jeff is currently too busy to make any final decisions. When asked what he was going to do with his off-season, his response was "I don't have an off-season; I'm always in one season or another." He's been a star in wrestling and track and field.

Jeff is emotional and focused as a football player. Last football season, Jeff's biggest statistic was a big goose egg. He had zero penalties while protecting his Quarterback and runners at Left Tackle. This year, he'd like to slide over to guard.

Jeff wants to take on the best. When asked who he looks forward to playing against next season, he has no hesitation in naming Shore American Conference champs Jackson (2004: 8-0/6-0) and Shore Federal champs Middletown South (2004: 8-0/7-0).

"We've never beaten them (Middletown South), so I want to do it before I graduate."

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