IN THE HUDDLE: Timothy Brown

At a school known for producing quality football talent, here is yet another star in the making for the Miami Northwestern Bulls. While some have been turned off by his lack of size, others believe he is still someone who can make plays at any level!

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Here is another top football player to keep an eye on this season – and beyond.

PLAYER: Timothy Brown
SCHOOL: Miami Northwestern
40 SPEED: 4.4
HEAD COACH: Roland Smith Pre-Spring Rating: 206.

How many times have you seen a prospect that people have talked about and when you looked at him, your first impression was – NO WAY?

Welcome to the world of Timothy Brown, who is a member of the Class of 2006 for the Bulls, and at 5-6, 165 pounds, he is the No. 1 recruit on a team that has perhaps more Division 1A athletes on college rosters than any other school in the state.

When you think of Northwestern, the first thing that pops up in your heads is a 6-4, 300-pound offensive lineman, a 6-1, 220-pound linebacker or a 6-2, 180-pound safety, but 5-foot-6?

As many fans and colleges would walk the other way if Brown was pointed out to them, the lucky ones would be those who took them time to watch him play, and only then, would you begin to appreciate how impressive a football talent this is.

While names like Roscoe Parrish and Santana Moss come to mind when watching Brown play, you have to put those standouts out of your mind. Brown is Brown, and you have to understand that.

Having now watched him in two camps settings as a junior, two games as a junior, two camp/combines this year and a spring jamboree, I came away believing that he will never be 5-11 and weight 190 pounds. He may never be able to be a featured receiver at the big time level, but he is a solid football player that some college will take a chance on, and perhaps look better for doing so.

In his spring classic against Miramar, Brown stole the show. A lot like he has done over the past two years, his ability to make the big play makes him a featured weapon in a Northwestern attack that has its share of young and talented football players.

STRENGTHS: No matter how big, physical and athletic the defensive back is, Brown can create a mismatch because of his quickness, tremendous pass running abilities and the fact that he knows how to play the position and has watched countless hours of film.

He is more than a camp/combine athlete who attracts the attention because of his superior speed. He has tremendous hands and his ability to adjust for the ball makes even the average quarterback look a lot better.

I watched him two different plays. The first was a simple "out pattern" where he caught the ball, faked the corner out and then scooted up the sideline for 33 yards until the safety caught him from the angle.

The second play was a "stop and go", which have become his trademark. When you are smaller, but have quickness and the ability to catch the ball, you can go a long way.

His ability to return kicks and punts will also unlock some doors.

WHAT HE NEEDS TO WORK ON: The only thing that I can see, besides the obvious and that only nature can take care of, he has to understand that with his speed and quickness, he can get away with certain things at the high school level that would be impossible in college.

He also needs to work on running the ball as flanker out of the backfield, which would add another dimension to his arsenal.

OVERALL: One major college coach put it best about Brown when he looked at him and said that "he was too small and would probably take a pounding at the next level." Then that same coach continued to watch and remark that with his "overall ability and burst of speed, he could be something very special, despite his size."

COLLEGES ON THE HORIZON: Take your pick. He would be a tremendous fit at a Rutgers, South Florida, Louisville, West Virginia – or maybe someone looks into the future with the idea of using him like Miami did with Parrish and Moss!

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