RU in Florida - Part V

During the past week has introduced to Rutgers fans nearly every single prospect that Rutgers will be targeting out of Palm Beach County, Miami-Dade and Miami-Broward. Inevitably, as recruiting season begins to heat up during the summer months, folks begin to ponder questions related to which of these sunshine state prospects will fully consider enrolling at Rutgers for the next four years.

The recruitment of college athletes is certainly no exact science, whether the sport in question is football, basketball, or any other sport.  What may be a can't miss prospect according to one may be judged as just another middle of the road player by another.  What sets Florida apart from most other states, with the exception of Texas and California, is the quality at the top in addition to depth.  While most states have 5 or 10 athletes that could ball anywhere in the country, much fewer can boast about having 20 or 25 such prospects.  In Florida, 371 athletes signed D-I contracts last year. 

More than any other state, including Texas and California.

It is the combination of talent and depth that makes Florida such a fertile recruiting hot spot for so many colleges across the nation.

During the last 10 or so days we've trekked across Palm Beach County, Miami-Dade and Miami-Broward and have seen a first hand glimpse of some of Rutgers' primary Florida targets.  We've introduced you to nearly two dozen new prospects some of which Rutgers is seriously pursuing and some of which have had their interest piqued by the State University of New Jersey.

In this last and final part of our trip to Florida, we'll highlight which of these prospects Rutgers is in hot pursuit of and which of these prospects have a similar interest in RU.

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