Rutgers 7-on-7 Schiano Shootout

A total of 70 teams were on hand Saturday for the annual Rutgers 7-on-7 Schiano Shootout. The 2005 version of the Schiano Shootout ended with a not so insignificant peculiarity - a non-New Jersey final. The final contest pitted Liberty HS (Pa.) versus Longwood HS (Long Island, NY).

Liberty HS, which reeled off several upsets on their way, wound up as 27-6 winners of the 2005 Shootout.

Ramapo HS (NJ), led by the talented WR Chris Hogan, was the surprise team of the event, barely falling short in OT, in the semifinals, to eventual champion Liberty HS.

Lenape Valley Regional HS was the fourth representative in the semifinal, and much like Ramapo HS, performed well, exceeding expectations.

The Shootout Classic had some of the top names across the state come to participate.  Who were some of the top players that were on hand for the 2005 Rutgers 7-on-7 Schiano Shootout?  Below, we take a look at some of these prospects ...


Kenny Britt [6'4" 190-pounds] - WR/DB Bayonne HS


Rob Crawford [5'10" 185-pounds] - QB Bayonne HS


Derel Williams [5'11" 191-pounds] - RB/FB Bayonne HS


Dominic Wright [6'3" 210-pounds] - WR St. Joe's Regional HS


Al-majid Hutchins [5'10" 185-pounds] - DB  East Orange HS


Lamar Middleton [6'3" 220-pounds] - DE/TE Shabazz HS


Adonis Thomas [5'8" 170-pounds] - RB/CB Shabazz HS


Jamil Phelps [5'11" 190-pounds] - QB/FS Shabazz HS


Sam Johnson [5'8" 200-pounds] - FB/LB Shabazz HS


Derell Moye [5'8" 185-pounds] - FB/LB Shabazz HS


Ray Smith [6'1" 185-pounds] - DB New Brunswick HS


Chris Hogan [6'2" 190-pounds] - WR/S Ramapo HS


Jerome Brigham [6' 225-pounds] - FB/LB Teaneck HS


Oren Wilson [6'2" 270-pounds] - DT Teaneck HS


Matt Hardison [6'3" 220-pounds] - LB Freehold HS


Cameron Stephenson [left], Corey Hyman [middle], Jamaal Westerman [right]


Andres Morales [6'2" 250-pounds] - DT Liberty HS

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