More Sights From the Rutgers Camp

There should be no doubt now. The manner in which Rutgers coaches Darren Rizzi and Chris Demarest and the rest of the Rutgers staff deal with and relate to players on a personal level is unmatched. Simply unmatched.

If Rutgers fans had any doubt about the level of recruiting talent on the Rutgers staff they should doubt no more. Their ability to not only relate to players but to teach them and have the information stick is something that can be taught only up to a certain level.

Beyond that, it is as they say, god-given talent.

It's a talent that some of the best teachers, few and far between, have. It is the ability to relay a piece of information to a student, any student, whether the subject is football or nuclear physics, and have them receive, ingest, digest and repeat.

If you ask every single prospect in attendance at the 2005 Greg Schiano Football camp, whether it be a 5-star recruit or a 12 year old learning the basics, you will not find one player that didn't come away with a new technique, a new skill, something that has already made them a better football player and more importantly a better person.

Despite the desire to know who was there, how they did and whether they elevated or lowered their status, the bottom line is this:

these instructional camps are a way for Rutgers, much as they did in Florida, to give back to the community. Certainly, looking for talent is a prime objective, but when one considers the individual attention layed out to every single camper (keep in mind the number of players in attendance was somewhere near 800) it is remarkable to think what an asset Rutgers football actually is to this community.

Below, we bring to you a glimpse of Days 3 and 4 of the Rutgers football camp.

From left to rightA.J. Jones [S/LB - Middleton HS, Tampa FL], Bryan Wright [S/CB - Miami Northwestern HS, Miami FL], DaJuan Brown [S/CB - ], Shannon Ballard [CB - Miami Norland HS, Miami HS], Sorie Bayoh [LB/DE - Miami Gulliver Prep., Miami FL], Joel Figueroa [OL - North Miami Senior HS, Miami FL], Tim  Brown [WR - Miami Northwestern HS, Miami FL], Coach Chris Demarest [Rutgers University], Antonio Lowery [Miami Columbus HS, Miami FL].


Lineman 1-on-1 drills. Compared to the previous year the linemen in attendance this go-around had a significant size advantage. The one-on-one drills, though it produced some bumps and bruises, gave players a chance to showcase their skills and provided a fantastic opportunity to better learn their craft. After the completion of every single one-on-one drill coaches Flood and Godette would stop play and go over what had just transpired. From the extension of the arms to movement of feet, every single aspect of proper lineman technique was covered.


Lineman group drills. As was the case in Florida where Rutgers held 1-day camps earlier this month, proper warm-ups were emphasized.


A.J. Jones [S/LB - Middleton HS, Tampa FL] - 6'2" 200-pounds.


Antonio Lowery [Miami Columbus HS, Miami FL] - 6'1" 205-pounds.


Demarcus Roberson - [Piper HS, Sunrise FL] - 5'11" 175-pounds.


From left to right:  Demarcus Roberson - [Piper HS, Sunrise FL], Bryan Wright [S/CB - Miami Northwestern HS, Miami FL], Tim  Brown [WR - Miami Northwestern HS, Miami FL], Antonio Lowery [Miami Columbus HS, Miami FL].


More coming later ...

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