ABCD: Eye opening experience for Hamidu Rahman

The Reebok ABCD Camp has been an eye opening experience for Hamidu Rahman, a husky 6-9, 270 pound center from Franklin H.S. in Somerset, N.J.

Despite his hulking frame, Hamidu Rahman is still a bit of a babe in the woods at such a prestigious event featuring many of the top high school players from across the country.

"Some of the guys that I've been playing against are tough," he admitted during a break in the action. "It's not like what I face in my conference, because there's usually no one taller than 6-7."

The speed of the opposing big men at the ABCD Camp has also caught Rahman by surprise.

"I am skilled in some ways, but there are things I need to work on, especially conditioning and getting up and down the floor better."

A strength and conditioning program could do wonders for Rahman, who seems to be carrying around some baby fat on his ample frame.

Rahman scored four points in two games on Thursday, and he showed this spring with the New Jersey All-Stars that his offensive game is still a work in progress. His biggest asset right now is his sheer size, and what he does to make strides over the next couple of years will likely dictate at what level of the spectrum the rising junior big man gets recruited.

Thus far, programs such as South Florida, Seton Hall, Rutgers and St. John's have expressed interest.

"I like UConn, Illinois and Syracuse, but I haven't heard much from them," Rahman explained. "Illinois sends mail, but Rutgers was the first to write me and they've come to some of my games at Franklin."

Before he returns to Franklin for his junior campaign, Rahman will wrap up the summer with the New Jersey All-Stars at the Nike Peach Jam in South Carolina and the AAU Super Showcase/AAU Nationals in Florida.

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