Nurse will attend Rutgers

Don Bosco offensive lineman was denied admission to University of Wisconsin, released from scholarship

Nate Nurse was eager to play football for the University of Wisconsin. But after signing a letter of intent with the Badgers in February and passing through the NCAA Clearinghouse for freshman eligibility, Nurse received some news that was difficult to swallow. His application for admission to the university had been denied.

A promising, 6-foot-4, 270-pound offensive lineman who thrived on the gridiron at powerhouse Don Bosco Prep, Nurse was suddenly left in limbo, just hoping to have an opportunity to attend college on a scholarship and play football this fall.

Yesterday, however, the Teaneck, N.J., native found a comforting resolution to his predicament, agreeing to accept a scholarship offer to attend Rutgers. He expects to join the Scarlet Knights for training camp Aug. 7.

"I already have my release form from the admissions of the University of Wisconsin and I signed yesterday," Nurse said in a telephone interview Thursday afternoon. "So I'm going to be eligible to play this year."

"I signed the scholarship with Rutgers yesterday," he said.

Nurse, a three-star prospect, considered a Rutgers scholarship offer before verbally committing to Wisconsin in late August last year.

"Of course, it was always an option that I had, you know, coming to play close to home, having everybody come to my games," he said. "It was a good situation. But Wisconsin. That's big time. I wanted to go there, I was really looking forward to playing there. But unfortunately everything didn't pull through the way I wanted it to."

He was relieved to discover that the home-state Scarlet Knights still had an interest in him when he contacted their coaching staff this week.

"They heard about a month before I contacted them, they heard about the situation," Nurse said. "And they didn't hesitate to come and call me."

Nurse was happy that he sealed the deal with Rutgers quickly.

"I just wanted the whole process to be done with," he said. "I've just had a long summer. It was miserable. And I'm just glad that was over."

Waiting for his admissions decision from Wisconsin was a rough road, Nurse said. Finally, in late May or June, Nurse said, "some of the coaches told me that I was rejected. So I had to look elsewhere to go to school."

While Wisconsin was obviously his first choice, Nurse is happy with how his situation turned out.

"It was always a positive," he said. "The worst thing that could happen was me not have anywhere to go and just be sitting at home, watching the football in the fall. That would be the worst thing. It was always a blessing from God that I was given an opportunity to attend another school with a full scholarship.

"So I really didn't look at the negatives, I look at the positives of everything. It's a positive thing that I'm going to Rutgers. I'm close to home. And they have a good attitude and I'm looking forward to winning a couple bowl games."

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