Thursday Practice -- Day 4 Photo Session

The mercury topped off at 93F this afternoon and temperatures in the middle 90'sF were all too common across Central New Jersey. Despite the sweltering heat and oppressive humidity work inside Rutgers Stadium continued unabated.


Coach McNulty gathers the troops.

Cameron Stephenson (right) [6'5" 305] performing in D-line drills.

Dimitri Linton (left) [5'9" 195] tries to bat the ball away.

Brad Listorti [6'4" 248] hauls in the reception.

Glen Lee (left) [6'2" 195] forces the fumble.

Rutgers working on Special Teams.

Rutgers players working on tackling.

Nate Harris (left) [6'2" 214] attempts to pull the ball away.

Kevin Malast (left) attempts to bat the ball away from William Beckford (right).

Rutgers working on line drills.

Scarlet Knights going at it hard.

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